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Kitties and Puppies-I is a puppy!

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Puppy School-Week #5

February 12th 2010 10:34 pm
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Hello All,

I was soooooo excited when mama said it was time to go to school!! I kept jumping and yelling "YAY PUPPY SCHOOL!". Mama was trying to put on her shoes and I kept pulling her arm and saying "let's go, we have puppy school". FINALLY, she got her shoes on and we went to school. Buddy was there but the gates weren't up and our teacher wasn't there yet, so mama and I went walking around the store. Mmmmmmmmmm, I found some little nibbles hidden under the shelves. Michael, our teacher, showed up and put up the little gates, then Buddy and I were just aplaying and wrestling. I won cuz he is just a little guy (malti-poo) and he is still a baby (5 months old), but we were having fun. I was very good with him. I didn't growl, bark or bite him. Then it was time to start class.

Michael scared my mama. He said that this was our last nite and we had our final exam. Mama said "NO, we have one more week. Bear and I aren't ready for our final exam." Michael realized he made a mistake, and BOY was mama happy. She wants me to do well for my test but I am not ready yet.

Mama is having trouble making me "stay". I sit then she says stay and takes a step and then another step, but when she comes back to me I jump up. I am even worse at "down/stay". Michael gave mama some hints and things to try and I was getting better but we have to practice--ALOT. After class, I got to play with Rosie, the rottweiler puppy. She is getting big but she doesn't scare me--we just wrestled and played. I had so much fun with her. I really like Rosie.

My mama thinks she is a bad puppy-mama. She plays with me and we go places. She feeds me and teaches me stuff . She buys me all kinds of cool puppy toys. She pets me and doesn't get angry with me when I mess up and make mistakes. I think she is a pretty good mama. She thinks she is bad cuz she just realized that in all this time she didn't just sit and snuggle with me. She was trying so hard to do everything right for me that she forgot this simple little, very important thing. She keeps apologizing to me--when we sits and snuggles. I tell her "that's ok mama, I still loves you". We puppies are very forgiving about our human's mistakes. :o) OH, and the best part--I LIKE SNUGGLES!!! Snuggles are very relaxing.

I went to the groomers yesterday. It was my first time. I was a excited to go into the place but I was NOT HAPPY seeing my mama leave me there. The people didn't say anything bad about me so I guess I was good for them. Mama can't keep her hands off me cuz I am so cute and fluffy.

Well, I have to go practice for my final exam. I'll let you all know how it goes.


School + my bad experience

February 8th 2010 9:53 am
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Hello efurbody,

I'm thinkin this school stuff is not so bad. I was really excited this week when mama and I got to the store. I was running so fast to get inside and mama was huffing & puffing behind me (from the mama--we were late, and I am outta shape). When I got inside I saw Buddy and Rosie and another puppy that I don't know. Buddy wasn't so scared and he played with us puppies. Rosie and I paired off and were playing but her dad took her away cuz we were being too loud, besides it was time for class.

Mama & I learned "down/stay". I already knew "down" (lay down) but I'm not very good with the "stay". I just don't want my mama to walk away from me. I like to follow her, EVERYWHERE. I guess mama and I will have to practice.

Michael, my "teacher" and Rosie's dad, told all of us that we have a final exam in 2 weeks so we can graduate. We have to do something that we didn't learn in school. Mama and I are working on "shake". So far all I do is chew on mama's hand when she holds my paw, but then I get a treat. At least I let her hold my paw. Usually, when mama reaches for me I just back away (from the mama--Bear is not a "snuggly puppy. He just wants to play). We will keep working on this.

Something very bad happened to me this week too. My boy-cousin got another dog, besides Dixie, her name is Sara. The cousin was having a party at his house and asked mama if Sara could stay here during the party. Mama thought that Sara and I should get to know each other a little first so we went over to Sara's house. Sara was mean to me. She attacked me. I was very scared and mama got me away from her quickly. Later when mama was brushing me, I started to bleed. That's when mama saw the bite on my back. Mama and the boy-cousin felt very bad for me, but I am ok. I just have a small boo-boo. Mama was afraid that I would be scared of other doggies, especially big doggies, again. She was very happy to see me playing with Rosie, a rottweiler puppy.

Sara is not a bad dog. She is very good with people and even little people. She just doesn't seem to like other doggies. Dixie showed Sara that she (Dixie) is the "boss" but Sara is even challenging Dixie. The boy-cousin thinks he may have to give her back because he had Dixie first and he doesn't know what to do about Sara attacking other dogs. I don't like Sara, cuz she bit me, but I don't want anything bad to happen to her.


Lost another puppy tooth

January 29th 2010 2:46 pm
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Mama was playing with me today and she saw that I lost my puppy canine tooth. She is happy about that. Mama was starting to get worried that I might have to go to the vet to have it pulled.

Mama was busy helping me write my diary and we were almost late for puppy class. I was very good in class today. I learned "sit/stay" and to come when mama calls me. Then the best part--I GOT TO PLAY WITH ROSIE!!! We had sooooo much fun. Rosie is a rottweiler puppy and she had a plush toy. We tugged for it. Rosie is much bigger than me but I didn't let go. I even snuck it away from her a couple of times. Michael (my teacher and Rosie's dad) says she is not very smart but that I am. :o) Michael and my mama just laughed and smiled watching us play. My mama told me she is so proud of me. Even Buddy's mom (he is my class mate) said that I was a different puppy from the first time she saw me. I wasn't scared at all. I guess I was too busy having fun to be scared.

After school, mama and I went to another pet store and I got to go shopping. I got greenies and a new toy. I was pretty good in the store. I growled a little bit at the strange people but I was friendlier with the other doggies that were there. I am learning!!

Maybe this puppy school stuff isn't so bad.


Day 2 of puppy school

January 22nd 2010 10:57 pm
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My mama forgot her homework for school today. She didn't check to see what is in my puppy food. And, she didn't practice "look at me" all week. See, mama isn't perfect, but she is a pretty good mama anyways.

We are learning "leave it" now. Mama and I did good at school. Now we have to practice at home.

After class we got to play. There was my classmate, Buddy, Michael's (my teacher) rottweiler puppy, Rosie and my friend Bernie got to play with us. Bernie's mama stopped at the store to get his nails trimmed and then they were watching us in class. Michael said that Bernie could come and play with us. OH WAS THAT FUN!!! Mostly me, Bernie, and Rosie played. Buddy was too scared.

Michael told my mama some stuff about me. He said that I still have 4 baby teeth. Maybe that is why I am still chewing everything. He also told mama that I send "mixed messages" to other puppies. I growl at them but my tail is wagging. That is how I try to get them to play with me but sometimes the other doggies don't understand. Rosie and Bernie seemed to understand but.... Mama told Michael she knew that (that when I growl and jump at other doggies, I am just trying to play). She doesn't know how to teach me what to do. Michael didn't tell mama what to do either. Maybe he didn't know.

IF ANYONE CAN HELP US, PLEASE TELL US, cuz I really like to play with other puppies but they scare me when they snap at me.


Puppy Play-Time

January 21st 2010 8:28 pm
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OH MY GOODNESS puppy play-time was sooooooo scary for me. First I made mama pick me up cuz of all the people and puppies. Michael (my "teacher) was there and he made mama put me down. I DON"T LIKE MICHAEL! Anyways, mama put me down and I kept jumping on her and begging her to pick me up. She wouldn't do it. She kept "biting" me (she uses her hand like a doggy mouth) and telling me OFF. When that didn't work, I tried to hide behind mama but she wouldn't let me hide either (she can be mean sometimes). All I could do was sit there trembling in fear and growl at the other puppies. After a little while there was this cute little yorkie puppy that caught my attention. It was so tiny, that it didn't scare me. Then I got kinda curious about some of the other puppies. I quit growling at them and they sniffed me. Then I started sniffing them back. AH, so that is how you meet puppies! Once I quit growling and started sniffing then mama dropped the leash so I could go meet other puppies. By the end of the time, I was sniffing and saying "hi" to lots of the puppies. There were BIG puppies and little teeny puppies. I kinda liked meeting the puppies but I still stayed close to my mama. My mama was very proud of me.

OH, and do you know who else was there, BUDDY (my classmate). He wasn't so brave this time. I tried to say "hi" to him but he was too scared.

Tomorrow we go back to puppy school. Mama says I am doing very well so far but that I have some more stuff to learn.



January 15th 2010 7:06 pm
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Hey all,
Well, today was my and mama's first day of puppy school. It is just me and a maltese named Buddy in my class. I was very nervous and scared. Buddy barked at me and I growled at him. After a little while I just ignored him and stayed by my mama. Michael, the teacher, attached my leash to him and wouldn't let me hide behind my mama. I didn't like that at all. I just sat down and Michael dragged me until I finally began to walk with him. Then he took me back to mama but she wouldn't let me hide either. She kept pulling me in front of her, making me sit in the middle of the class. Michael was talking to the mamas in the class so I layed down and relaxed. Michael kept having to "bite" Buddy and teach him stuff, but not me. I was very good.

I guess Michael told mama to keep me on my leash or in my crate until I "earn" my freedom. BOY OH BOY, I hope this doesn't take very long. I can't chew on mama's shoelaces, or her clothes. I can't get into the trash or chase the kitties. I don't think I like Michael or school very much. Mama is taking this training stuff very seriously. I have been attached to mama or in my crate (when she went to the basement) since we got home. It's ok today cuz mama took me for a long walk so I'm kinda tired.

Tomorrow is "puppy-playtime". We go back to school and I have to play with the other puppies. I'll let you know how that goes.


Puppy School

January 8th 2010 1:24 pm
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Hi efurbody,

Mama says that I am spoiled and outta control. I don't think so. Just cuz I chew on the furniture (when mama is not looking) and I pester to play all the time, and I chase the kitties, and I eat mama's clothes and shoe-laces and I jump on people and growl at doggies and I get into the trash-- I am not "outta control". I am just a fun loving PUPPY.

Anyways, mama says I will be going school soon. She says I need to learn how to mind my manners. I don't know about this. I like to learn stuff. Mama says that she will be learning too, so maybe it will be fun.

I am a little worried about the other doggies. Other doggies (except my BFF-Schotzy) don't seem to like me and they scare me. When I see Schotzy we growl at each other and begin playing. When I try that with other doggies they snap at me and I get scared. I don't understand. Mama doesn't know how to teach me to meet other doggies. Maybe school will teach mama and me how to meet other doggies so they don't snap at me. Maybe I won't be scared of other doggies then. That would be a very good thing to learn cuz I do like to PLAY.

I'll let you know how school goes for me. Bye!


Mama changed my weight!

December 14th 2009 9:46 am
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Mama had to change my weight. It said I was tiny, under 10 lbs., but I am a big boy now, I weigh 15 lbs. I am bigger than Mr. Spot and my BFF Schotzy. I am 7 months old. I have most of my big dog teeth, just a couple of puppy teeth left. Boy, will mama be glad when those are gone cuz I am chewing EVERYTHING!

Mama was cleaning up my piles in the back yard and she kept asking me how I got big when nothing sticks. She kept saying "I buy 24 lbs. of dog food and I'm picking up 30 lbs of puppy poop. How do you grow?" I just looked at her--"I don't know, mama." Then I played and played.

It's getting colder here and mama doesn't come outside to play with me like she did before. We play inside. I don't like to go outside by myself but mama won't come outside with me anymore, and I am a big boy, I have to do my business outside. I run outside do my stuff and then run back inside to mama to play.

I still play with the kitties. Mr. Spot is the only one who doesn't run away when I play with him. He just makes his funny sounds and smacks me with his paws. It doesn't hurt. Sometimes, he will smack me for no reason. I'll be walking by and "smack", on the head. I'm not sure if we are friends or not, but I like to play with Mr. Spot.

I still like my BFF, Schotzy the best though. We play, and play, and play.

Well, gotta go play some more.


Feeling Better

November 24th 2009 12:38 am
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Hi all,
I am feeling much better now! I am playing and running. I go for walks and bother the kitties. Mama even let me play with my BFF Schotzy last week. The vet people told mama that she should try to keep me quiet for 2 weeks. CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE THAT? ME QUIET FOR 2 WEEKS!!!

Mama was very proud of me. I didn't bother my stitches so I didn't have to wear a cone. I was very good, but that is over. I am back to my very busy puppy self.

Mama was also happy cuz I am losing my puppy teeth and getting big dog teeth. I lost both of my bottom canine teeth but I still have the top ones. I am just a chewing machine. I chew everything. Yesterday, mama and I was playing in my backyard. I saw something and picked it up. Mama said "Bear, what do you have? Give it to mama." Well that means she wants to play chase. I LOVE that game! Anyways, when mama finally got it from me she saw it was a $20 dollar bill. I don't know about money, and I don't know why it made mama happy but she said I was a good boy. She told me to go find more. I didn't find anymore money. I did find some other stuff that mama tried to take from me, but I swallowed it before she caught me. Mama wasn't so happy about that. (from the mama--it was some insulation. I was worried he would get sick from it. So far, so good.)

Mama is also proud of Ingen. She is a finalist in the 5th Annual World's Coolest Dog & Cat Show. That is ok by me. I don't sit still long enough for mama to get many pictures of me. Maybe next year, I can be a cool dog in the contest.

Mama is telling people that she is making "her animals" pay for their keep. First me finding money, and then Ingen with her contest. But what about Mr. Spot and Baby? Don't they have to work too? Hmmm, I think I need to talk to mama about this earning our keep business.

I have to go now. Mama THINKS it is time to go to bed. We'll see...



November 15th 2009 12:05 am
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Oh my goodness, what happened to me? My person cousin took me to this place with lots of other dogs, and left me there. I was locked up in a kennel for a long time then I went to sleep. When I woke up I was sore. Next thing I know, mama came and got me. I don't know what those people did to me but boy does it hurt. I keep whining and it hurts for me to walk. I like to lay down on the cool grass. It makes me feel better.

Mama has been carrying me around more but sometimes I just have to walk , even though it hurts. Mostly I have been laying around. They shaved my belly and I have a sore. Mama doesn't want me to lick the sore. She says that I have stitches and I its bad if I lick them too much. She says that if I keep licking the stitches I will have to wear a funny collar. I'm not sure what she means by that but I have been pretty good about not licking.

Oh, one good thing about this, besides having all of mama's attention, is that she is giving me peanut butter. I really like peanut butter. After I eat the peanut butter, I feel a little better too. Hm, I never knew that peanut butter could make me feel better, I thought it just tasted good. (FROM THE MAMA, Bear doesn't seem to realize that I am giving him his pain pill when I give him the peanut butter)

I hope I feel better tomorrow. I miss playing and running but, right now I don't feel like playing.

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