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Precious Moments

March 25th 2011 6:36 pm
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Jakie, you are the most precious little fella I’ve ever had. You’ve made my life so much more beautiful and fun. Having you has added more to my life than anyone could imagine.

There are so many memorable moments. Wanna write them down so when I hit 90 and start forgetting all the special things in my life, I’ll be able to refresh my memory. Putting your paws up on the car dash as we got to one of your favorite places, the “farm” out in the country, to see Tug and your 2nd Mom, Judy. You’d explore all over. Sometimes you’d stay out a long time – you’d always ignored me when I called – gave me a scare sometimes. Found out you knew where to go outside to find your favorite “food” - since you knew if I saw you in the catbox room, I’d yell at you. You used to lay by the patio doors and watch the birds. When the heat was on you’d lay by the vent so you’d be nice and toasty – you didn’t like shirts – let alone raincoats – in Portland OR where it always rains. One time you flew to FL to see your Grandma, I heard people talking and realized you had gotten out of your carrier (wanted the top open so you’d feel more comfortable) and were walking under the seats – they thought you were so cute.

At home, remember one of the first times I walked you? A couple of people we walked by stopped to pet you and/or say how cute you were. Some didn’t, and you looked at me and said “why didn’t they say “Hi!”? I told you some folks jus weren’t doggie lovers. Remember the time you just had a bath and we went to the park in the summer? You were havin a blast and running all over – before I knew it, you ran through the powdery dirt of the baseball diamond. I tried to catch you but you would have none of that – you just ran and ran and ran in circles in the dirt – lovin every second! Another gal there helped me get you. Were you ever dirty!

I didn’t tell you you have some brothers up there. Randolph Jason Scott, a sheep dog – he was a handful – gentle as ever. Prince, a shepard pup I had in junior high. Tigger and Zach (2 lhasa’s who lived in TX – about 8 years apart).

Barked by: Quincy (Dogster Member)

January 26th 2012 at 10:53 pm

Thanks for the steak, Jakie! Yep, we can eat all we want, never gain weight, never get older.

This is a sweet diary entry. It's nice to be loved and missed.

Love you,




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