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I am here I am here I am here

I am here I am Here I am here

August 9th 2009 6:30 pm
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Wow....I was with my siblings rolling around and playing and then this lady who had been taking care of all of us picked me up and handed me to a strange man. He told me he was my new dad and that we would have lots of fun together. then he handed me to this strange lady who kissed me and cried all over me and told me was going to kiss me hairless...oh no..that sounds terrible...but she cuddled me and kissed me and handed me back to my Dad. He handed me to their daughter Sarah and she kissed me all over . Then we got into their car and drove to a farm where there were lots and lots of huge horses and i met their other daughter Jessica and her son Ian who is eight. he loved me and took lots of pictures of me and petted me. Several other people came and ooohed and ahhed over me. the we got in the car and drove a long time till we got on a great big boat called a ferry and we crossed over what they call Puget Sound. On the other side we got off and drove just a ways and Mom and dad said "we're home". Wow...home..a real home all my own. They showed me the big fenced yard and the gardens...yippee...i can dig holes!!! i met a very old lady dog named Cassie and Mom told me not to jump on her (but I do) and i also me CATS...i had never seen cats before..they make a funny hissy sound and spit at me at first. I was afraid of them...but now i am not. i have discovered i can chase them when Mom is not looking. I love this place. There are lots of things to do and i do them all. There are gardens and i help Mom dig in them. She says she is weeding so i help. I help her feed the big horses in the morning too. She ties me to a cross tie so i don't run around and get in the paddocks, and i watch her make their food and feed them their hay. they are very big, bigger than she is but she kisses them all too, and feeds them carrots. She gave me a carrot but i do not like them. We go for a walk down the drive and out on the road for about a half mile. I am learning to heel and stop and sit. There is so much to see on our walks...more big horse creatures and big dogs behind gates. it is kind of frightening but Mom says i am safe..she will take care of me. Mom and dad make me yummy meals of really good food..they say they will only feed me organic and i get vitamins so i will be big and strong. i have lots of kinds of chewies cause i love o chew....i chew on the chairs and tables and rugs and shoes and the refrigerator. I hear the word 'no" a lot and if even think about peeing they swoop me up and outside. it is a very busy life.
i had my first well puppy vet visit and the vet said i can't really go out of my property till i have all my parvo shots but then Dad said he will take me to Banner forest to walk and someday when i am bigger , to run with him.I can't wait.
At night I sit with my Mom and dad and watch DVDs or TV with them and then we go to sleep. I sleep right next to dad so he can jump up and take me outside in the dark to go potty. Sometimes we sit on the deck or in the garden which smells all flowery and nice and there are birds to watch and butterflies. I sure like it here. i had no idea i would get to have such a fun life but I think i will. i just have to remember not to chew on things i am not supposed to.
i am so happy to be here on Dogster and i hope i make a lot of friends...

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