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Zoe's Life Chronicles

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My First ER Visit: July 24, 2009

August 10th 2009 8:42 pm
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Apparently, my mommy does not know how to measure: she under-fed me the first week home, believing that the cup she measured up was equivalent to a cup but in actuality it was only half-a-cup (fortunately my Cousin Paris' parents-my mommy's Cousin Mikey & Oanh corrected the mishap), so I had to find food sources else where-yummm ... yummm ... I love grass and bark. When given the opportunity I will munch on grass but since my family seems to disapprove, I must pretend that I am resting with my face ensconced into the grass but I am mischievously grabbing a mouthful of grass.

My second week home, my Uncle Kev allowed me to roam in the grass unsupervised. Given my malicious ways, I decided to taste test not only a kumquat but also bark to see if it would provide me with any added fiber. Fortunately, I was able to vomit the kumquat the next morning but my petite stomach would not digest the bark. I was miserable the next day: unable to jump up and down when my grandparents leave for work in the morning, unable to play fetch, unable to greet my mommy with enthusiasm when she arrived home from work, unable to sleep, and unable to breathe. My mommy panicked and took me to the ER ...

At the ER, I was given x-rays which immediately identified the bark lodged in my stomach. My mommy was given two options: 1.) Take me home in hopes that I would expel the bark either through an emesis episode (which was not recommended because I have a flat nose) or it would past through me feces (which was not recommended because my puppy intestine diameter is too small for the bark to pass and if the bark could not past my intestines, my only alternative would be surgery) or 2.)Force an emesis episode by injecting me with Apple Morphine (the safest decision)

Of course, my mommy chose the safest option. I was injected with Apple Morphine and briskly swept away because the Vet would not allow my mommy to witness the "violent vomit". I eventually vomit the bark with my dose of Apple Morphine.

Am I the same ever since I became loopy with my Apple Morphine injection, only time will tell ...


My Visit to the Vet (after swallowing yet another non-edible- food): July 27, 2009

August 10th 2009 8:58 pm
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After repetitive warnings from my mommy not to feed me bones to gnaw on, a certain someone (which I will decline to mention a name to protect this person's identity) still insisted to feed me a Nylabone. Within 5 minutes, my curious appetite had devoured more than half the bone. Naturally, my over-protective mommy, transported me to the Vet Clinic immediately after consulting with my Vet (the fine print in the package insert of the Nylabone instructed my mommy not to be alarm if I ate a "rice kernel" size portion but if portions exceeded more than 1/4 inch to instantaneously contact the Vet).

In less than 3 days, I was once again under the care of a Vet. I had a better prognosis this time: I was able to go home-with no injection of Apple Morphine, only careful supervision to ensure I would have repetitive bowel movements to allow the Nylabone particles to pass through. I was beginning to get use to this Apple Morphine ...


My First Day of Puppy Preschool: August 11, 2009

August 12th 2009 10:29 pm
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I have been a tyrant this past week-1.)Being very lazy on my walks, wanting to lay down and rest every 10 steps 2.)Only wanting to play with big dogs 3.)Knowing where the potty pad is but missing it by one foot creates the oddest noises and facial expressions on my family

My mommy decided to send me to Puppy Preschool ASAP to reform my bully attitudes!

Arriving on my first day of class, in my finest clothes-light pink shirt labeled Only Child with matching dark pink plaid harness, attached with my Skull-and-Bone pink and purple plaid name tag, crystal pink skull-and-bone charm, and dangling red bell to ring my presence. None of this matter, since my vocal barking voice drowned out all. To the left of me was two small cute shy puppies, a chihuahua and a maltese. To the right of me a big puppy, a pitbull. Naturally, I am only attracted to play with big dogs.

I barked at the trainer, I barked at the pitbull to communicate that I wanted to play with him, I barked at my mommy for not letting me play with the pitbull, and I barked at the spectators watching the class. I just couldn't stop barking. I wanted attention but nobody was giving me the attention I deserved, so I barked and barked. Finally, the trainer decided to give me a "corrective action". Hmmm ... I wonder why I was the only puppy that received the corrective action. I wonder why? The trainer (except I wasn't suppose to know it was the trainer) squirted my butt with a water bottle to confuse and divert my mind to something else. The diversion worked, I was concentrating on the spray of water to my body that I forgot to bark.

The Trainer than proceeded to ask questions and oddly enough I saw my mommy raising her hand in agreement to all of the Trainer's questions. Does your dog eat anything? Does your dog get excited when you arrive home? Does your dog jump up when she wants to go the couch? Does your dog bark at other dogs? Does your dog bite or nibble? Does your dog chew on your shoes? Does your dog bark at other people when they are in public? I think my mommy got embarrassed after consecutively raising her hand numerous times. All these questions bored me so I decided to take a nap.

Am I less of a tyrant after my first day of preschool: 1.)Am I still lazy-I did take a nap during class 2.)Playing with only big dogs-I may be a little dog but I like them big dogs 3.)Potty training-work in progress ...

I can't wait until my next class!!!


Dogster Daily Diary Pick: August 18, 2009

August 18th 2009 8:00 am
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I've been chosen as one of today's featured diaries!!! I feel so honored, privileged, and proud! Thanks Dogster and all of my wonderful paw buddies for reserving high bestowed admiration for me!

Paws xx Licks xx


Grooming Day-YES, another traumatic event: August 19, 2009

August 20th 2009 5:25 pm
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Today is the day where I get prim and pretty-from paw to paw. First on the agenda-manicure and pedicure. My mommy had purchased Pedi-Paw to endow me with perfectly shaped manicures and pedicures. I reclined onto the human manicure chair raising my paws for my mommy to file. I don’t understand why my mommy was hesitant to shape my nails (so I like to squirm back and forth while I enjoy the sanding and grinding of my nails). Second on the agenda-medication to prevent fleas, ticks, and mites infestation onto my lustrous fur. I don’t understand why my mommy was hesitant to rub the thick emulsion on my fur (so I like to break from grasp while the elixir is supposed to be rubbed on my skin). Third on the agenda-rub down with tea tree oil. My breeder’s secret to my mommy was prohibition of baths until I turn 1 year of age to prevent shedding of my fur in old age. I love being smothered in tea tree oil as I sit in the bathroom sink. I don’t understand why my mommy was hesitant to rinse me with tea tree oil (so I like to play and jump while I am in the sink). While leisurely enjoying my scrub down, my curiosity with the automatic soap dispenser surprised me by doling out a quarter size amount of soap directly into my right eye. Burn, burn, burn!!! I wriggled and struggled in pain as my mommy attempted to flush my eye out with water that in the process I somehow fell to the ground (Once again, I will decline to mention a name to protect this person’s identity.) My mommy panicked and in quick reflex decided the most appropriate method to flush the soap out was to spray a jet stream of water straight into my eyes. In fright for my safety, my mommy forget to protect my ears and inadvertently sprayed water into the bat ears. A big no-no!!! My mommy finally calms down to dry and clean me properly.

Suddenly, my mommy receives an emergency phone call from work to immediately come in. Yeah, I get to accompany mommy to work!!! I am accustomed to riding top-down in my mommy’s convertible but we were in the other car-the SUV, how was I suppose to know that there was a hard glass window placed in front of me instead of the open air. Bang-I hit my forehead on the glass window! (Once again, I will decline to mention a name to protect this person’s identity.) I arrive at my mommy’s work to be showered with affections by the Staff. While my mommy was busy solving the pressing emergency at work, I was given a nylabone to occupy my time. The bone was gigantic-how was I suppose to know not to challenge the bone by wrapping my whole mouth around it. Blood-I had accidentally bit my lips!

My mommy finally remedied the problem at her work so time to go home! On the way home, she purchased some Benadryl in hopes to soothe my red, bulging, crust-infested, right eye but the antihistamine only served to intoxicate me to sleep.

To recap, my day was wonderful: 1.) Soap in my eye 2.)Free-fall drop to the ground 3.) Water in my ears 4.)Bruise, red forehead 5.)Cut lip 6.)Cold paws, shiver, and chills from the splashes of water 7.) Three episodes of emesis from the drop in my body temperature

Hmmm … time for another visit to the Vet, YES, once again!


I am "special"

October 3rd 2009 9:29 pm
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Mommy received SAD news from the Vet today- I have a hearing impairment. No worries, my loving family swept me into their gentle arms to comfort me of the disheartening information delivered by the Vet and whispered into my ears: "Zoe you are still our baby!"

People don't think much about hearing impaired dogs until they meet one. The sad truth is that many hearing impaired dogs are abandoned or put down without ever being given a chance to prove that they are just as normal and loving as hearing dogs. Hearing impaired dogs can learn anything a hearing dog can, the approach is just different.

Fortunately, I do not rely heavily on the spoken word. I am able to respond wonderfully to hand signals. I use my body to communicate intent, dominance, submission, and a wide variety of emotions. My whole family is learning a new language-sign language as a way for us to communicate. Instead of sound, I will learn to tune into the world of movement, vibration, and light. I am special!! With patience and love from my family, you won't even notice my physically challenged trait!

Just remember: A dog can express more with his tail in minutes, than his owner can express with his tongue in hours!!


Puppy Preschool Graduation: October 6, 2009

October 6th 2009 9:22 pm
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I have officially graduated Preschool: I am now a semi-obedient/semi-brat puppy. I am just too cute, I can do nothing wrong!

I have excelled in the following subjects in Preschool: (Please note the DISCLAIMER!!!)

1.) Socialization: Say hello politely and quietly
2.) Focus: Gaze into my I can do nothing wrong, mesmerizing puppy eyes
3.) Sit: Sign-language and semi-verbally
4.) Down: Sign-language and semi-verbally
5.) Leave it: On occasion(s) when Mommy is too slow I may snatch the treat-treat
6.) Come when called: What's my name again???
7.) Sit for greeting: I try, try, and I try ... but my bubbly affections burst into jumps
8.) Loose leash walking: I prefer a pace of brisk jogging
9.) Stay: Distractions, distractions!!
10.) Unwanted Nipping/Chewing: I have conquered & devoured ONLY one of Mommy's designer pair of heels. Grandpa can vouch for me, he instructed me to nibble on the kitchen table legs and chairs to soothe my growing puppy teeth-he thought it was time for a new kitchen table set-I was helping Grandpa give a hint-hint to Grandma.

DISCLAIMER: The above tasks are performed effortlessly ONLY when I WANT to!!!


Happy Halloween-I've been tagged!!!

October 31st 2009 6:00 am
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I've been tagged by my new paw buddy, Paisley! After answering these questions, I'm tagging six of my paw buddies so they can play, too!

1. What color is your collar?
Which one? I have many (mainly because my family worries for me and attaches bells on my collar to hear my mischievous whereabouts), I have one for each day of the week- Monday: Pink Rhinestone Swarovski Crystal Sweet Bow, Tuesday: Red Rhinestone Swarovski Crystal Mini Bow, Wednesday: Rhinestone Swarovski Big Bow Cheetah, Thursday: Cherry Embellished Cheetah, Friday: Purple Folded Bow, Saturday: Pink Daisy Embellished, Sunday: Coach Striped-white/yellow/orange. That's just collars for in-the-house-wear, I have harnesses for public outings.

2. What kind of food do you eat?
Royal Canin for breakfast and supper. My midday snack usually consists of freshly chopped medley of vegetables and fruits or freshly cooked cock-pot organic pumpkin. I also get my daily vitamins (to help me grow strong and healthy) in the morning and my fish oil supplements (to help maintain a shimmering coat of hair) in the evening.

3. What are your favorite treats?
No favorites, I eat anything!

4. Do you have a Valentine or significant other?
No-Mommy thinks I am too young to date.

5. Do you get table scraps?
No but when someone "accidentally" drops food, I am at service with my floor sweeping/licking/mopping duties!

6. What is your favorite toy?
For this week: my Nylabone Puppy Teething Keys (from my best paw buddy, Cousin Paris)

7. When is your birthday?
May 1, 2009

8. How many times a day do you eat?
Unfortunately, only twice a day!

9. Do you have a favorite color?
PINK-I am a girly-girl!

10. Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary?

And now - who to tag? My new paw buddies: Riley, Hiro, Topper T, Deacon, Billie Jean, and Jake!


Dogster Daily Diary Pick: November 7, 2009

November 7th 2009 3:19 am
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I've been chosen AGAIN as one of today's featured diaries!!! I feel so honored, privileged, and proud! Thanks Dogster and all of my wonderful paw buddies for reserving high bestowed admiration for me! Most importantly I want to give EXTRA thanks and kiss-kiss to my loving family!!

Paws xx Licks xx


Happy Holidays- I've been tagged!!!

December 13th 2009 7:28 pm
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1) What do you like to get in your Christmas stocking?
TREATS, TREATS, and more TREATS- TREATS galore!!!

2) Have you seen Santa Paws this year?
No, not yet (Mommy promises by the end of this week I shall). I am eagerly awaiting the opportunity to meet Santa Paws for the VERY FIRST TIME.

3) Do you like snow, have you ever been in it?
YES, YES- I do! It has been very cold in Milpitas this past week, therefore, I was able to catch a glimpse of snowcap hills and frost on the grass but unfortunately I am not allowed to play outside in the cold (I get the shivers!)

4) What do you want fur Christmas?
Happiness for all my Paw Buddies and especially my loving family.

5) Have you ever posed in a picture with Santa Paws?
Soon ...

And now - who to tag? My new paw buddies: Savannah Blue Belle, Coconut, Shakespeare, Bailey, and Jazz!

Happy Holidays! Wishing ALL a PAWsome Holiday Season!!!

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