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Zoe's Life Chronicles

Grooming Day-YES, another traumatic event: August 19, 2009

August 20th 2009 5:25 pm
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Today is the day where I get prim and pretty-from paw to paw. First on the agenda-manicure and pedicure. My mommy had purchased Pedi-Paw to endow me with perfectly shaped manicures and pedicures. I reclined onto the human manicure chair raising my paws for my mommy to file. I don’t understand why my mommy was hesitant to shape my nails (so I like to squirm back and forth while I enjoy the sanding and grinding of my nails). Second on the agenda-medication to prevent fleas, ticks, and mites infestation onto my lustrous fur. I don’t understand why my mommy was hesitant to rub the thick emulsion on my fur (so I like to break from grasp while the elixir is supposed to be rubbed on my skin). Third on the agenda-rub down with tea tree oil. My breeder’s secret to my mommy was prohibition of baths until I turn 1 year of age to prevent shedding of my fur in old age. I love being smothered in tea tree oil as I sit in the bathroom sink. I don’t understand why my mommy was hesitant to rinse me with tea tree oil (so I like to play and jump while I am in the sink). While leisurely enjoying my scrub down, my curiosity with the automatic soap dispenser surprised me by doling out a quarter size amount of soap directly into my right eye. Burn, burn, burn!!! I wriggled and struggled in pain as my mommy attempted to flush my eye out with water that in the process I somehow fell to the ground (Once again, I will decline to mention a name to protect this person’s identity.) My mommy panicked and in quick reflex decided the most appropriate method to flush the soap out was to spray a jet stream of water straight into my eyes. In fright for my safety, my mommy forget to protect my ears and inadvertently sprayed water into the bat ears. A big no-no!!! My mommy finally calms down to dry and clean me properly.

Suddenly, my mommy receives an emergency phone call from work to immediately come in. Yeah, I get to accompany mommy to work!!! I am accustomed to riding top-down in my mommy’s convertible but we were in the other car-the SUV, how was I suppose to know that there was a hard glass window placed in front of me instead of the open air. Bang-I hit my forehead on the glass window! (Once again, I will decline to mention a name to protect this person’s identity.) I arrive at my mommy’s work to be showered with affections by the Staff. While my mommy was busy solving the pressing emergency at work, I was given a nylabone to occupy my time. The bone was gigantic-how was I suppose to know not to challenge the bone by wrapping my whole mouth around it. Blood-I had accidentally bit my lips!

My mommy finally remedied the problem at her work so time to go home! On the way home, she purchased some Benadryl in hopes to soothe my red, bulging, crust-infested, right eye but the antihistamine only served to intoxicate me to sleep.

To recap, my day was wonderful: 1.) Soap in my eye 2.)Free-fall drop to the ground 3.) Water in my ears 4.)Bruise, red forehead 5.)Cut lip 6.)Cold paws, shiver, and chills from the splashes of water 7.) Three episodes of emesis from the drop in my body temperature

Hmmm … time for another visit to the Vet, YES, once again!


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