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Spike the Dog

wow along time

September 3rd 2009 5:33 am
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Hey it has been a wrelly long time since I have made an entrie. I've been busy.

The weekend before last I went to Trier, an old roman city in Germany. I got to see the porta nigra. I couldnt go inside, because I am a dog. So mommie and her friends took turns staying with me so that everyone could go inside. On the way home I gots to go to two diffent castle ruines. Mommy was silly taking pictures of me in front of the varius ruins. After we got home mommy and I took a nap.

Then the next weeknd, I tried jumping up on the swing when mommy was trying to get me to come. I fell off and hurt my puppy back. Mommy got worried about me, so she had to take me to the vet. I had to take little pain pill for awhile.

Then I split one of my nails. Mommy has been shaking her head at me. I have been very accident prone. She is now going to have to buy some first aid tape for my paw.

that is all for now.

bow woo


Hola hoop anyone?

August 19th 2009 5:59 am
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I just don't gets it. Last night mommy took me to the garden she brought a hola hoop and some yummi treats. She put the hoop in front of me and then throw the treats though it. She got fustrated when I ran around the hoop to get my treat. After awhile I would go throw the hoop, but I didn't always do it. I gots lot of treats though. Silly mommy tring to do something she read about in a books or magazine. I just know she will tell daddy about this and he will laugh at her.

I then gots to run around the garden with my buddie Charlie. Thens mommie took us on a walk down the street. She had to stop in at the shoppette, Charlie and I couldn't go inside so we gots tied up outside, for like two minutes, which in dog time is forever. I was so happy to see her again. I wove the mommy and she wloves me.



ruff weekend, but fun

August 17th 2009 1:36 am
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oh wow, I have had a ruff weekend. I mean it was so hot, I was shedding all over the place.

I got to spend a lot of time outside on Saturday with some of my doggie friends. I was part of a dog zoo at the block party. I got to roll in the grass and smelled a lot of differnt smells. Mommy gave me a piece of grilled hamburger meat, it was yummy. All of these people came over and petted me, I just loved all of the attenchion. My doggie friend Charlie was so bad, he niped at a kid, mommy got mad and took him from the doggie zoo, he also kept on barking at Monster the German Shepard Puppy, which was pointless I mean Charlie is such a little dog, smaller than me, only 5lbs on a good day. Monster is huge.

Sunday was a lazy day. I guess Mommy was tired from the block party. We sat on the couch and watched tv and took naps. Last night there were some guys talking out side mommy's bedroom window. How dare they be so close to mommy so late at night when daddy isn't there. I got really mad and started barking. Mommy hugged me and told me it was ok, but I was still mad. After all I am the man of the house now, I have to protect my ladies.

-Spike Quick


I miss daddy

August 12th 2009 3:53 am
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First off I just want to say. I miss daddy, hey humans are not the only ones who feel the effects of deployment. I know daddy is a hero and what he is doing in important, but I still miss him. I dont mean to but I have been misbehavn and mommy isnt to happy with me, when I do.

Yesterday I went to the vet, I got a shot and then they sprayed some icky stuff up my nose. I didn't like it one little bit. I supervised as they gave Tiffy and Mayhem thier shots. Wow I got off easy compaired to them. My poor little kitty sisters well they got all kinds of pokes, they even took blood from Mayhem. Mayhem was all tired the rest of the day. She took a nap on the bed with me and Charlie, one of my best doggie buddies in the world. Mommy thought the three of us looked so cute she didn't have the heart to move us, so she took her nap on the couch. She didn't mind she gotta watch Grey's antammmie.

Mommy had Sun, Mon and Tues off this week, so she had to go back to work today. I really miss her when she is gone. I cant wait for her to come home and take me and charlie out.

Well there is a big open human bed waiting for me, so I got to go fill it.

bow wow


Well Lately

August 8th 2009 1:39 pm
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Today I was supposed to go to Heidelberg or Weinheim with mommy to hike around the castles, but she was sick. So I took a nap with her instead. I am not too upset we didnt go out today, but I think mommy is. She says that I am the best traveling companion, even better than daddy. Daddy really doesn't like to go anywhere, so he complains. I have been to Heidelberg castle, and Mommy says that she plains on taking me there again for Thanksgiving.

Right now I am the man of the house, it is me, mommy and my two kitty sister's Mayhem and Tiffany. Daddy is in Iraq, I miss him. Well it is up to me to guard the apartment and taking care of the ladies.

My best doggie friends are Karluck and Charlie. Charlie is staying with us right now. It is fun having him around we have been playing constantly. I really don't like having to share mommy with him and he got a little too rough with Tiffany so I got to get after him.

Time to go

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