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I's So Awesome, I's Jealous of Me-self!

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August 30th 2011 9:15 pm
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There has been no sign of Furby. I am losing hope. Had this been any of my other kittys, I would hold out more hope but for Furby to be gone this long means something bad had to have happened. Maybe he was ill and went away, maybe he got injured somehow & was too hurt to return, maybe he got locked up's all the maybes that are the hardest to bare. I just pray to God that if he's gone he went quickly & didn't suffer. It's the thought of him suffering that has been keeping me up at night. Hard as it may be to accept that he may be gone, it is more unbareable to think that he didn't go quickly. Thank you all for so much kindness & encouragement, you have no idea how much your kind word mean to me. I thank God for Dogster & Catster people. I can barely see to type any more so once again thank you all for all the love.


Our Furby Is Missing

August 27th 2011 7:48 am
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Friends please say a prayer for my feline sibling Furby. He has been missing since yesterday. Mommy is so worried cause he is the one kitty that seldom ever leaves the yard. He is neautered & he is 12 years & lazy. I say lazy cause he almost never goes further than the fence. Furby is an indoor/outdoor kitty. When Mommy is home he stays inside in the bathroom. Furby is the oldest member of our feline/canine pack. He was with Mommy even before Wrinkles & me came here. We's worried something happened to him.


I's Been Censored!

August 19th 2011 4:14 pm
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Dogster, what are goings on now?!!! Pups I's had Mommy log on to my dog-page so's she could read me the comments 'bout my lastest video & that's when I's found out I's been censored! 'Lemme 'esplain...I's wanted to view my video again and that's when I's discovered it are GONE!!! That's right pups, my pee-video has been censored! Does Dogster find it too racy for viewing? Well I's not gonna stand for it! I knows me rights! It are artistic 'espression you's can't censor me, now put my video back before I's sues!!!


The way I's pee

August 18th 2011 8:57 pm
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Wells I's in another 'b' rated video! Mommy posted a videos of me peeing! Mos' girl pups jus' squats when they's pee but not me! I's wanna be different! My style is to stick my leg straight out. It are my signature pee-style! Go check out my video on page to see Ebby in 'ashion!


My first 'ideo!

August 4th 2011 9:54 pm
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Guess whats?! Mommy took a 'ideo of Ceel & me's out at Paw-paw's & posted it on my page! She says it are not the best quality cause it was taken with a really cheap 'corder but it are a 'ideo none the less and most 'portant, it stars ME (Oh, & Ceel co-stars wif me)! I's gonna be famous! Go check me out!


Things that makes you's go hmmmm...

July 25th 2011 11:25 am
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Mommy was tellin' me bout sumtin called a Budda. 'Cording to me 'unnerstanding, it are a big belly you's rub. Me thinks it grants you wishes. Anywhos, this gots my brainy-brain to thinkin'! I's wishing I has more jerky treats (Ceel & me's polished off the bag of treats Pepper sended us). Wells, I's sittin' on the floors watchin' Ceel sleep, when suddenly I's has my aha moment! CEEL HAS A POT-BELLY!!! A nice big round pot-belly jus like Budda! if I's can jus sneak over & rubs it while she's sleepin'....hmmmmm!!!!


This Time Last Year

July 22nd 2011 2:07 pm
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This Time Last Year I said good-bye to my best friend & dog-sister. We were together for several years. We did everything together. We went out on the yard together, went to the park & to Paw-paws together, ate side-by-side, slept next to each other & regularly washed one another's faces with our tongues. In her younger years, Rinky would chase me round the yard & even play tug with me. She was a sweet gentle soul. She was so docile that I had to defend her a few times. Once a kid was pulling her ears & hurting her, Rinky never struck back. She could have easily bit back but she didn't. She just wimpered & lowered her head, that's the kind of pup she was. Before Mommy could come to her rescue, I was there. The hair on my back stood up & I glared my teeth at the kid! I stood between Rinky & the kid. "Leave my Rinky alone!" I growled, "She won't bite you but I's WILL you bully!"

I was allowed to be present when Rinky left this earth. Before she breathed her last breath she turned & stared right at me. "Goodbye Ebby my friend." she said. I flashed my Ebby smile at her. "Goodbye Rinky. Goodbye my friend." A second later she was gone.


'Tention Hog!

July 13th 2011 10:42 am
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I's gonna vent some of my 'ustrations here! Now don gets me wrongs, I loves Ceel but sumtins she can be sush a 'tention hog! I's a treat hog but she's a 'tention hog! I doesn't mind sharing mommy's 'fections with her but she wants all mommy's 'tention for herself! For 'esample, mommy was sittin' on the floor with me giving me pats & kisses & tellin' me how cute I's is & how much she loves me. Well Ceel sees this & she 'mediately comes overs & pushes me outta the way with her big tush! Then she forces her head under mommy's hand so mommy will pet her! She does this alla times!


My 4th

July 5th 2011 9:11 am
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What a perfect 4th of July holiday me has. I's didn't hears a single firequacker go off in the city. I was not scared senseless this 4th. Ceel & me's jus enjoyed a peaceful day with Mommy. It sure was hot though. We stayed inside mostly 'escept I's did 'tend an online party held at my pal Coco Rose's page. 'Sposely I's won a hot dog eating contest, but I's never realize I wons! I's thought it was the appetizer corse!

Anywho, my 4th was great & hopes yours was too.


Party Pooper & Proud

July 1st 2011 2:51 pm
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Finally, my pawrayers has been answered! Many humans are gonna say I's a party pooper but I doesn't cares! I knows many pups will rejoice with me this 4th of July. Why you's ask? Well I's jus been informed that all firequackers has been banned here in San Antonio due to our drought. YEA!!!!!! I HATES fireworks cause they scare me senseless! Well this 4th I's will celebrate in peace & quiet!

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