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I's So Awesome, I's Jealous of Me-self!

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OMD! WE'S WONS THE LOTTERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 9th 2012 4:45 pm
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OMD, OMD, OH. MY. DOGNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pups my pack & me has wons the lottery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You's NEVER gonna believes what the Hopper Beast...I's means 'Easer Bunny' bringed us! A GOBBLE BEAST (turkey)!!!!! Not jus a leg or wing but a WHOLE Ebby-Ceel sized gobble beast! (Ebby's beady eyes bulge out as she trys to contain her excitement.)

We spended the weekend over at our Paw-Paw's and on 'Easer Sunday Mommy & Paw-Paw call us into the 'kishen. "Guess what the Easter Bunny left for you in the fridge?" they asked. Paw-Paw opens the fridge box & pulls out gobble beast the size of Ceel & me put 'togedders! Me thinks to me self, "Yes, Ebony Ursula, there are a 'Easer Bunny! He DOES 'esist...And you's pawryers has jus been answered!"

Mommy wasn't sures how to cook our 'lotto prize but then decided to just put in a big pot with some waters. MMMMMMMMM....boiled gobble beast!!! Has you's ever heard of anything more DELICIOUS?! Me thinks NOT!!! Anywho, after what seemed forevers, our beast was cooked and Mommy took alla bones out and put the meatz in some plastic containers so's she could store it in the fridge box for us. We will be getting real gobble beast meatz mixed in our kibble! We's has been forced to share some with our feline siblings...dern it! 'Esept for Diamond...she don't cares for fresh gobble-beast...bless her! "Dimy, has I's ever told you you's me favorite purr?"

EBBY MOM HERE: Okay I feel I need to explain. I know I spoil my fur-kids ALOT and yes they DID get a small frozen turkey for Easter. The reason is because it was a turkey my dad kept forgetting he had. It has been in the deep freeze for 2 years now. Rather than throw it out, (we hate being wasteful) we thought why not cook it and give it to the fur-kids. Ebby has warned about going to Hades for throwing away meatz! LOL!!!!


That'll teach her!

April 4th 2012 9:33 pm
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Pups, I gots in troubles today. Mommy yelled at me and said mean things to me! I's not used to getting in troubles no mores, that's Ceel's 'partment now. I's the Rinky of the house, the goody-four-paws, the Miss Perfect, and all those utter names Ceel is always barkin' at me.

Anywhos, Mommy had no right yell at me! No right at all!!! I's should be mad at her for being late with my suppers! It are all her faults I's had to go scavenge for me own nourishments! I coulda died of starvation you know!!! So why did she yell at me you ask? Wells, I's out in the yard scavenging and Mommy saw me from the 'kishen winder' munchin' on sumfin. She runs out yellin', "Ebony, you better not be eating worms!" I's wanted to tell her to stay outta me 'biness but I's kept me yapper shut. After all, she are my Mommy. I wasn't eating worms (I wasn't that lucky). She looks down to see what I's eatin' and screams. "EBONY YOU NASTY DOG! YOU GET YOUR PORTLY SELF BACK IN THE HOUSE THIS INSTANT!!!!" I cowers down, lower me head and walk back to the house. I turns 'round and give her my sad pouty look. "I had the hungers and you's doesn't feed me my dinners." I's pouted.

Humans 'esagerates everything! All I's eatin' was a 'kitty-nugget' I's found buried in the yard. Maybe this'll 'teash her not to be late with MY SUPPERS!


The following message are rated-PG

March 27th 2012 4:22 pm
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Guess what Ceel & me has for dinner last night! We's having the same stuffs again tonight. You's ready for this? Wells, Paw-Paw gave Mommy a 'packish of venison-beast burger (this are ground venison-beast meatz). Mommy don't eats venison so Paw-Paw told her to cook it for me & Ceel!!!
She put it in a pot wif a little bit of waters and cooked for us. Then to spoil us even mores, she scrambled one egg, it also comes from the ranch. You see, they has red cluckers (hens) that lay eggs. Paw-Paw always gives Mommy fresh eggs to bring homes. Any-yum...I's means...anywho, Mommy mixed half the scrambled egg in my bowl & half in Ceel's bowl. Then she added some ground venison-beast & our Taste Of The Wild kibble to our bowls!



Wish us lucks!

March 24th 2012 12:28 pm
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Mommy gonna try takin' some 'pichers of us with one of her utter small cameras. As mos' of you's knowes, Mommy let Auntie Letty (Ceel's mama) borrow her nice camera and it got broked. Anywho, Mommy says she's going thru camera 'wifdraw and she gotta take some 'pitchers of us. We's going to the park laters so wish us lucks. I's, as usuals, will happily model for Mommy but Ceel is being a butt-head and says she's gonna put up resistance! She better not blow this gig for me! Everyone knows I's earns extra treats for my modeling gig and I's needs Ceel to be 'pawfessional! Wish me lucks pups!


Mommy can I's comes too!

March 21st 2012 3:18 pm
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The utter day Mommy was home from work. She said she was gonna take Ceel & me to the park but first she said she had to go to her office for a meeting.

"OMD! Mommy can I comes with you 'pawlease!!!! I's wanna go to a 'meat-eating' too!" I's begged.

Well pups, I doesn't gets to go with her so I's tol' her to brings me back a doggie-bag. And guess what, when she came back she doesn't bring me squat! Nada, nuttins', not one measley crumb! It are not fairs! She's always going to her 'meat-eatins' and the least she could does is bring me back a doggie-bag. Also, she are always going on 'bout going to work so's she can bring home the bacon but I's nevers see this bacon neither! I guess Mommy jus' doesn't loves me nuff!!! :(


Mommy is going to Hades Pups!

March 18th 2012 2:09 pm
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Pups I's told her overs & overs not to be wasteful but she don't listens! Mommy throwed away a perfectly good piece of meatz even though I's begged her to let me has it! "No Ebby, it has a funny smell & I think mold is growing on it. It is going in the trash." she said.

"It are perfectly fine Mommy! It's just been aged like you's wine. I wants it!" my beady-eyes pleaded with her as she walked to the trash with MY piece of meatz!

"I'm sorry little Gremlin but I'm throwing it out." she said as she dumped it in the trash.

Pups I's almost died...I's tells you I's almost DIED!!! I's starts hyperventilating and Mommy has to get on the floors and calms me downs. (Mommy here-it's true people, Ebby starting hyperventilating!) " Shhhh...Ebby, calm down...breath honey." she said as she rubs me head to calm me.

Every pup knows it area SIN to throw away perfectly good food 'specially meatz! Mommy are a sinful, sinful human! She are going to Hades pups and there are nuttin' I's can does 'bout it! I's going to heavens (cause everyone knows ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN) and Mommy are going to Hades!


Mommy's a drug dealer!

March 2nd 2012 7:27 pm
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Yeppers....I's gonna rat my Mommy out pups! Guess what she's does! She's planted some stuffs for my kitty entourage. Sumfin' calls 'cats-sniffs' It are a plants that purrs love to sniffs & get highs on! She planted 2 pots of this stuffs and it should be ready for harvest in a few weeks. Good grief, now I's gonna have a bunsh' of cats high on 'cats-sniffs' this summer!


Goodbye Sydney...

February 27th 2012 3:36 pm
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Sadness has entered our hearts again pups. We just read that a special friend, Sydney, will be leaving this earth. Her loving parents will be with her as she crosses over to the Rainbow Bridge.

Sydney is a special needs pup that got around with the use of her wheelchair. She is 11 years old and has lost her battle with cancer. In April of last year, Sydney's other special needs sister, Olive, (Olive was blind & deaf) went to the bridge. We can only imagine how hard it must be for her parents right now.

Go in peace sweet Sydney. We know Rinky & Olive will be there to greet you as you enter through The Great Master's doggie-door in heaven. Goodbye my friend.


"To live in the hearts of those we love,
means not to die."


A Missing STAR

February 26th 2012 11:49 am
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The entry below has been copied from our pal Abby's diary. Please pups we must unite and pass the word around.

Pals, a friend of mommy's sister drives an 18-wheeler. His constant companion is his Sheltie, named Star. Star got spooked at a truck stop in Wisconsin on February 22 and ran away. She has been seen in the area around the truck stop, but is very scared and skittish. Star and her owner are from Canada so they are not familiar with the area. The owner's wife drove from Canada yesterday and has reported that Star has been seen in the area.

Please pass this along to anyone you know who might be familar with that area in Wisconsin.


Ceel's Outta Control Pups!

February 25th 2012 2:18 pm
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Pups I's got me a 'sichy-a-tion' heres! It are Ceel...she's outta control! My kitty-entourage confronted me with this problem and won't get off me back till I's does somefin' 'bout it!

kitty Raven: Warden (my kittys call me the Yard Warden) you've gotta do something about Footlong (Ceeley)! I'm tired of her bossing me around all the time! Just cause I'm all black, doesn't mean I'm an intruder! I live here! I am NOT the neighbor cat! I know she knows my smell and she should not be sneaking up on me and scaring me!

Ebby: Now, now Raven, Ceel is just messing with you. She knows you's smell and she knows you lives here.

Diamond: Permission to meows Warden Ebby?

Ebby: Pawmission granted Dimy.

Diamond: Well, as you know, since my only cat friend & protector, Furby, went to the bridge, I live inside with you & Footlong. Am I not a well behaved cat?

Ebby: You's is.

Diamond: And do I not stay out of your way most of the time?

Ebby: You's does.

Diamond: Then why does Footlong think she can order ME around?!
I was alone in the bedroom, minding my own business, playing with a ball, not bothering anyone, when suddenly Footlong comes in & corners me & tells me I has to stop having fun! Who does she think she is?! I was here before her!

kittys Sunshine & Sweet-Pea: She's been sneaking up and barking orders in our faces too!

kitty Tux: I've had it with her too Warden! If she pushes me around one more time I swear I'm gonna scratch her beady-eyes out! I mean it Warden...I'll scratch her beady-eyes out & claim self-defense!!!

Ebby: Now you's felines stop this hissy-fit right nows! I's not has-ing no cat fights 'round heres!

Cats: Well you better do something or you will have a cat fight on your paws!

Ebby: Now you's cats calm down...don't get you's whiskers in a wad! I's deal with Ceel.

Good what am I's going to does?! Pups you's got any 'sgestions?

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