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I's So Awesome, I's Jealous of Me-self!

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Ebby--Viciously Attacked!

July 2nd 2012 10:56 am
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Sunday afternoon Mommy tooked Ceel & me for a walk. We likes to walk 'round at an elementary school nearby cause there's no traffic & Mommy can let us off-leash. Also she tooked her 'pitcher box with her cause she wanted to take some pitchers of Ceel & me. Anywho, I's enjoying me-self as I tooked in all the 'inneresting smells in the grass. Suddenly, me hears a swooshing sound 'bove me as 'sumtin takes a cheap shot at me wagger (tail)! I looks 'round but sees 'nuttin. Then it happened again, and again, and again!!! Though I's couldn'ts see my 'sailant, I's could hear the swooshing sound it are making as it kept taking cheap shots at me wagger then disappearing. Ceel had already taken cover unner da car & was barkin' at me to joins her. "Run Ebbers! It are 'bove you & it are still following you! Take cover!!!" Ceel barked.
As I's made me way toward the da car, me hears the clickity-click-click sound of Mommy's 'pitcher box! Can you believes it! Here I's is---a innocent victim of a fly-by shooting & Mommy are laughing her head off takin' pitchers!!!

Mommy later 'splains the pitchers is for evidence. She will post photos of my 'tack shortly so's you's can see frame by frame of how it all happened. Pups please take a close look at my attacker & be sures to call the police if you's seen or knows anything 'bout this 'thug! My pal Demon was right, birds is evil!!!!


Winkie's Moving Story

June 18th 2012 10:28 pm
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Mommy & me was so moved when we read my pal Winkie's adoption story that we urge alla ya'lls to go to his diary and read it for you-selfs.

My Pal Winkie's Story


It are back!

June 14th 2012 12:21 pm
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Much to Ceel's dismay, Mommy has replaced her camera's broken 'eye' (lens). As our lastest 'pitchers show, she are back to chasin' us 'round with her pitcher box! I's doesn't minds too mush but Ceel's not happy bout it! BOL!


Raven was ouching but now gettin' betters....

June 6th 2012 5:49 pm
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...that's right pups, my cat-sibling Raven was ouching. You see she has the same problem our cat Sunshine had. She kept trying to go pee-pee constantly and Mommy noticed red droplets in her pee-pee. Mommy felt so sorry for her and felt Ravey must be in pain so she took her to the vet. Sure 'nuffs, it are 'unner case of 'tacky-fection (Ebby means urinary trac infection). Ravey was given a poking and some 'anty-botics to take. She are also on the same 'pee-skipshun (Ebby mean prescription) diet that Sunny is on. 'Ashly, Mommy talked with the vet and has decided to go ahead & just put all our purrs on this diet. Mommy said us furrs is driving her to the poor-house! 'wunners what kinda treats they's has in this house....hmmmmm.....


How Doo is 'Dooing!

May 23rd 2012 4:21 pm
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Lotta you pups out there is also pals with my pal Doo. And as most of you's knows, Doo been sufferin' from a limpity-limp. Anywho, Doo has been going to see my 'holy-vet Dr. Williams (she treated me when I hurts me back). I'd been 'wunnering how my pal was cause we's hasn't seen no update in her diary 'bout her condition so's I had Mommy send her a paw-mail for me. Below is her response. I's posting it cause I's knows there are 'utter inquiring minds like me who wanna know how 'Doo is dooing' (BOL!):

Hi Ebby...I'm better but not completely yet. Last week Dr. Williams gave me some Myrrh (yep, just like one of the 3 kings brought Jesus) for pain and I'm supposedly supposed to work my way up to 3 pills 3 times a day. Right now, I'm on 2 pills 3 times a day. I have good days where I barely limp at all and bad days where I limp real bad. They also refilled my anti-inflammatory meds so that that once a day too. Mom bought me a harness which we used for the first time today (I guess its ok) and also bought me an elevated food bowl which I don't like at all. The bowls rattle around and make lots of noise while I'm trying to eat from them and mom says I kinda stand back from it rather than get up close to it. She also noticed I take the food out and put it on the floor to eat. So much for said that's defeating the purpose. So, I haven't used it again.

Dr. Williams asked mom if she wanted to continue the once a week visits or stretch them out to every 10-14 days. Dr. W. said she didn't have a problem seeing me weekly or every 2 weeks, it was up to mom. Mom said since I'm not as healed as she would like me to be she would prefer to just continue with the weekly visits for awhile longer. Dr. W said its going to take some time for me to "get back to normal", so we've got all the time in the world. Mom asked if maybe they should do surgery on my back and she said she didn't think that that would do anything for it. So we'll try a little longer and see how much I can progress.



Kardashian's Missing Dog

May 11th 2012 10:19 am
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Alright, I's just gonna come out and bark my 'spicions. I's has long 'spected that my pal know...the one with the bushy-eye brows & mile long lashes...yes that Zoe. Anywho, it are my belief that she are Kim Kardashian's dog! With lashes like that, she HAS to be a Kardashian! Zoe is you sures you's Mom doesn't steal you from the Kardashian clan? Jus 'wunnering....

Zoe Kardashian


Goings On's

May 7th 2012 2:49 pm
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FINALLY! It been a 'hunnerd dog-years since Mommy updated me diary! She don't even tells me I's a diary pick till the next day! Thanks to all my pals who left prezzies on me page.

Well pups, I's got anutter Pooch Pawrade unner me paw. Ya'll prolly read all bout it in Whitley & Finley's diaries. It sures was great getting to meet me pals in 'pawson! The humans was surprised at how good we's all got along. No growling, no showing teeth, 'nuttin'! We's sniffed butts to say, 'Hello, nice to meetcha!' Yeppers, we's formed our own Dogster pack right there at the pawrade. In fact, we marched the whole route side-by-side, shakin' our waggers (tails) as onlookers gazed at us in awe! Often some our human 'groupies' couldn't contain they-selfs and ran to pet us & give us treats! Even Ceel was on her best behavior. She don't bark or growl at noones! She even let 'chillens pet her and she hates little 'chillens!

Whitley & Finley's Mamas sures is nice and pretty! Finley's Mama gave Ceel & me 'mashing bandanas! We's been wearing them lots lately! Anywho, back to the pawrade: as usual, the pawrade route was paved with treats. Fin & Whit was amazed! Then as if that wasn't 'nuff, the 'Barka Stewart lady comes out with her basket of beautifully arrange treats for us to sample!

There is one big hill along the pawrade route. Finley's Mama offered to pick me up and carry me up the hill. Ceel was carried my Mommy. That's right pups, Ceel & me was carried up the hill just like we's 'Cleopawtras! BOL!!!

I sure hopes Fin & Whit comes agains next years!


Viva Fiesta!!! AARROOO!!!!

April 27th 2012 12:25 pm
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It are that time of years again pups! It are Fiesta times in San Antonio! Two weeks of fun-filled events like, 'cornyvals, 'merryachis, music 'fesybells and 'pawrades!!!! The mos' 'portant 'pawrade takes place tomarrow. It are the Fiesta Pooch 'Pawrade and Ceel & I's gonna be 'pawticipating again! Oh and guess whats?! I's gotta paw-mail from Finley that said her & Whitley are 'prolly comings too!!!! I's so 'escited! There will be 'hunnerds & hunnerds & hunnerds of pupes there.
We's plans on gettin' there earlys this years so's we's can find a good parkin spot. At 8am there will be all kinds demenstrations, silent auction, costume contests, etc. The 'pawrade will beguns at 9:30. Ceel & I's will be marching thru the Alamo Heights neighborhood. It are a long route--3 miles! Ceel & me has been gettin' in shape for the march. Ceel is so competitive! When we's goes for our walks she always gotta runs out ahead of me. She said she plans to finish the march ahead of me agains this years! She will mos' likely be marchin' with her Ma Letty.

Since it are a long route, 'pawrade 'ficials provide water stations through out the 'pawrade route for us pupes and bottled water for our humans. Some peoples even toss doggie-biscuits for us to eats!


'Almos Homeless On Me 'Birfday!

April 25th 2012 9:40 am
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'It's me 'birfday & I'll bark if I's wants to,'
'Whine if I's wants to'
'Howl if I's wants to,'
'You's would whine too...'
'If the following happened to you!:'

That's right pups, it are me 'Birfday/Gotcha Day! I's wanna thanks all you's for all the prezzies on my page! I's has the bestest pals!

Well pups, as me title says, I's almos becomes a homeless pup yesterday! Oh where shall I's beguns? Well it all beguns in the mornings. Mommy was home from works so she told us she gonna cook herself & us a hard-boiled egg. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! She put the eggs in waters then put them on the stove. Then she said she was gonna run out to the garage for a second to give Sunny her meds. Ceel, Diamond & me ran out with her. After giving Sunshine her meds & a quick brush, Mommy was on her way back into the house but got distracted by the 'lawny-mower. She forgots all 'bout the eggs! Yeppers, she decides she needs to mow the lawn. Has I's ever told you's we has a big lawn?! Anywho, as she's mowing she keeps saying, "What's that smell? Good grief are the neighbors burning their trash out back!" She continued mowing till she finished. She then decided to do some planting. All the while Ceel kept pacing back & forth by the house. "Ceeley sure is acting strange," said Mommy, "and what is that aweful smell?"


She took off running toward the house with Ceel, Diamond & me at her heels. She opened the door and out came a cloud of smoke! She ran to turn off the stove and then stood there in our hazy home filled with smoke.
"MY EGG!!!! MY YUMMY EGG!!!" I's whined, "It are GONED!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I's lapped up the little pieces of 'esploded egg I's could find in the hazy mist. Mommy beguns opening all the 'winders and told us to go outside. I's looked up at the blackened pan and pleaded with Mommy to let me has the ashes. She said no as she shooed us out the door.

**Sniff, sniff* "Oh my precious egg!" *Sniff, sniff* "Mommy doesn't even lets me give it a 'poper burial. It's ashes shoulda been buried in my tummy!"


Our Sunshine are back

April 18th 2012 7:20 pm
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I's wanted to let ya'lls knows that my cat Sunshine are back at home now. Lemme 'esplain: On Monday Mommy was lookin' out the 'kishen winder and saw Sunshine trying to go pee-pee in the yard. She went to one spot, then unnuder, then unnuder, and unnuder and so ons. Mommy got 'spicious, and continued to 'wash her closely. Sure 'nuffs, Sunny kept trying to go pee-pee in different areas. Mommy went to 'vestigates and saw 2 little droplets Sunny had left on some leafs. The pee-pee droplets was red so Mommy gots 'larmed and called our vet to get a 'pointment for Sunshine. It are late in the 'afernoon when Mommy called so vet office told her she could drop Sunny off and they woulds tend to her the 'nes morning. When Sunny was loaded into the jeep I's told Mommy, "You's better brings her back! She are my Sunshine. My only Sunshine. Please don't takes my Sunshine away!" Mommy 'sured me Sunny would be back.

Poor Sunny, turns out she and Whitley's Maurice is both suffering from a 'u-e-ary tac 'fection (urinary trac infection). Vet told Mommy Sunny had stones (like Fizzy) in her pee-pee pouch. I don't think it are as bad as Whitley & Finley's Maurice thoughs. Now Sunshine has to eat a special diet and is taking 'annie-botics. Mommy has her confined to the garage for a few days so she can give her her meds and so she can monitor her betters. Sunny not too happy 'bout it. Poor Sunshine!

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