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Just thought you'd maybe like to know.....

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Bad news!... Arnold and Sandra Maries Mom, fell and broke- her arm! :(

December 9th 2009 1:37 am
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My furiends Arnold, id #027429 and Sandra Maries, id# 1027431 , Mom fell and broke her arm Tuesday morning! She won't be on Dogster fur awhile ! : ( She's such a nice lady...we'll miss her so much! We hope she get's better soon and we will keep her in our thoughts ! ♥ Snow Angel & family


OMD! I just found out I won FurBalls & Friends, Best Edited- Pic. in their Halloween Contest, also! :)

November 3rd 2009 6:02 am
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Dear Diary,
This post is a day late ...I was VERY Busy yesterday! I received notice that I won Best Edited Pic. in the FurBalls & friends Halloween Contest, also (fur the the same pic. as the W.W.fD&C Contest! ) I was thrilled.... Barkless! To win 2 Contests is just Amazing! Now that's pure Luck!!! Again, I have to say ...Everyone of the pics. in that Contest also, were Pawsome! You may still be able to checkout all the Halloween pics. at Fur Balls & Friends. If not and you're not familiar or already a member of this Group ... I'd highly recommend you check it out! It is another one of my Favorites (I truly mean this!)'s a Very friendly , fun & eventful Group! The Group admin. & the members are caring, & helpful, too! Did you hear?... FurBalls & Friends won Best Group of the Week , last week!!! I want to Thank Isabella Blu Heart fur sponsoring the Halloween Contest (she's a Sweetie, if you haven't already met her) and also, fur my Special Prize that I will treasure, always! :) ♥


I Won Welcome Waggin's for Dogters and Catsters, Best Edited- Pic. in their Halloween Contest! :)

November 1st 2009 9:42 pm
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Dear Diary, I'm a little late with this entry because it happened on Halloween day! I won the Best Edited Picture in Welcome Waggin's ,Halloween Contest! I am so lucky! There were so many other great pictures in the contest, also... It just had to be luck! Whatever it was.. it made my day! I got so many compliments and Congratulations from all the nice people in the group! Welcome Waggin for Dogsters and Catsters is really a great group of friendly, fun furiends! If you haven't heard of them yet, go check it out fur yourself! I just want to say Thanks again to the Welcome Waggin Group Administration for my Pawsome prize and picking my picture! :)


My Life and Times

October 19th 2009 11:07 am
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7 Random Facts about Myself

Tagged by Molly! Thanks!

Tell 7 random facts about yourself. Post these facts & the game rules in your diary (you can copy and paste this). Then tag 5 dogs (don't forget to list their names) who must tell 7 random facts about themselves. Let these dogs know they've been tagged by sending them a Paw-mail or rosette. Have fun!

1.I have selective hearing at times, for example...when I'm called to "Come", it all depends on what I'm doing!
2.I am overly friendly !
3.I'm always hungry...eating is on my top of the list of Favorites!
4.I am overly sensitive! Please, do not be angry with me!
5.I love the cool weather, especially the snow...after all my name is Snow Angel!
6.I hate having my toenails clipped, being given medicine and any other suspicious activities!
7.I shed constantly and want to be near you so, black clothing allowed in my presence!

I am off to tag 5 furiends now,... Apollo, Sunny, Sienna, Lily & Buddy! :)


A New Halloween Tag Game....5 Things I love about Halloween

October 10th 2009 12:05 am
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1.I think I'd love candy but, Mom won't let me eat it!
2. I love the dressed up children coming to the door!
3.I love the cooler weather!
4. I love Black Cats!
5.I love my new Halloween toy!

Thanks for Tagging me Noel!

Noel was the first to tag me and I am going to tag Tinkerbelle!

*Here's what you need to do....copy and answer these 5 questions in your Diary Entry , then Tag someone else (up to 6 furiends at a time), be sure to mention in your Diary Entry who Tagged you and who you intend on tagging. You may tag them by Paw Mail or in a Zealie you'd send! Don't furget to give instructions on how to play!!!! Have fun! Happy Hallowen! :)

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