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The new life of "Queen"

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Diary of the day

February 26th 2013 5:27 am
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I want to thank all my doggies friends for being there for me. As you know i crossed over the rainbow bridge last Friday. I got diary of the day today and my human mommy is very happy about that. She misses me so much and my human Grandma does too . Mommy said Grandma mentioned me yesterday and said she misses my little head sticking up when she looks outside. I was a good little doggie to everybody around there. They all miss me. I loved my doggie toys and mommmy and daddy are so sad im gone. I miss them too. Summer just isnt gonna be the same without me mommy said. I love all of you.



Im gone

February 22nd 2013 4:23 pm
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I crossed over the rainbow bridge today. My daddy found me gone. They dont know what happened to me but they suspect i was poisoned. Human mommmy has a very strong reason to believe that i was. She cant post it on here but its ashame that a person hates somebody so bad they poison their pet. I loved my human family and they loved me dearly. I know they are going to miss me. I will surely miss them too. I have crossed over the rainbow bridge to be with my other doggie family thats gone on.




July 19th 2011 6:14 pm
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Its been so long since i have had a diary entry added. I just wanted to say im still with my human family. I love them. I get to eat good doggie food and i get to run an play. I got to go play in the yard with our new doggie member Harley. Hes a boxer hes good to me. He dont bite me or anything. He likes to play ball. I miss my pal Buddy he always liked to play ball too. We dont have Rusty or Buddy with us this year.Mom picked fresh flowers and put them on their graves but the wind blew them away. We will always miss them. I hope all of you doggies are enjoying your Summer.





December 12th 2009 12:18 pm
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Human mom read in the pikeville news express newspaper today that a stray doggie was picked up by the pike animal shelter the other day and they posted a picture of the doggie on and the animal planet spotted it and contacted the pikeville animal shelter and so they wanted the doggie. They fixed the doggie up an had it flown to New Jersey where it is going to have a great home and be in the underdog to wonderdog movie . Isnt that great? Mom is so happy about that. What a lucky doggie. Mom is always feeling bad for the poor doggies that dont have a home. So she was so very happy to read that. So keep your eye out in the future for the new movie.


Happy Halloween!

October 31st 2009 2:48 pm
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Happy Halloween this is my first Halloween with my new family an i am so happy. I have four puppies now. Human mom gave one away. We are trying to find new homes for them. They love to eat their doggie food . They love to play and roll on the ground . I will miss them when they are given away. I love them with all my doggie heart.



more pics.

September 3rd 2009 12:35 pm
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I have some new pictures of my little baby puppies on my page. I love them . They are so cute. I think they are growing very good. They love to eat soft doggie food now. They like to wrestle and play. I am so happy to be able to have a home and be able to watch them grow up. Mom is trying to find good homes for them. She has one given away when i wean them. I will miss them but knowing they are at a good home that will take good care of them will make us all very happy. I just so fortunate that i was brought here and taken care of as i gave birth to my five little ones. Mom said i did very well . she said she was very proud of me. My human Granny came out yesterday an looked at my puppies and she said they have grown so much since she came out last to look at them. she is very proud of them. Human Pa is too. I am very lucky to have so many that love me. My human Uncle gets home from work and brings me a bite of sandwich and i just love all this attention. My human Uncles wife, is the one that is taking one of my puppies. I know that she will take very good care of the baby. She is a very nice woman that loves doggies. Mom is very pleased that she is taking one.



my puppies

August 19th 2009 10:11 am
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Yesterday evening daddy mowed my lot with a weed eater mom took a few pics of my puppies but some of them were under the doggie box. So she didnt get a pic of them. She is going to take some more pics. I hope all you doggies can see the pics pretty good that are on my profile. I appreciate all of you looking at them. I love my comments. I appreciate them all. I love all of you and im just so happy i have a home an good food to eat. Have a great day.



my puppies

August 18th 2009 1:35 pm
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My little puppies have been crawling around very good. They have their eyes open and i love them with all my doggie heart.Mom is going to take some pictures of them this week and put them on my profile . All five of them are doing good. They are so precious to me. I take very good care of them. My human Granny & Pa are very proud of me and my puppies.


My puppies!!

July 31st 2009 3:36 pm
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Oh wow! my human parents and my human grandpa were out here feeding me at the same time. My human mom heard a puppy crying and it was mine. I had my babies today. I have eight little puppies. Dad looked in at them and one was solid black and mom said they were all cute. They gave me some good canned doggie food that tasted so great and changed my drinking water to clean water. A leaf blowed in my water and it made it look a little dirty. Mom and dad said its important to have good clean water. They said its bad enough to live outside so we have to have clean water. Im so glad and proud of my puppies. Mom will keep you updated about them. Mom said they remind her so much of Snoopy's puppies. She hadnt seen any little baby puppies since she lost snoopy and her babies. I hope all you doggies have a great day.


New pics!

July 22nd 2009 1:36 pm
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Hi i wanted to let everyone know that i have a few new pics of me on my page. I am so happy and glad to take pictures. The day is sunny here and it looks like its going to rain. I am so enjoying being around the pear tree. I can go under it where it is cool. I am so happy to be here.

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