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Me and my big mouth.

I wrote a little story.

April 20th 2011 2:32 pm
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I wrote this yesterday and wanted to share it with my friends.

The Young Blue Bird and the Curse of the Bird Berry Tree
written by Noel

It was a cool breezy summer day with a light wind blowing through the trees. Children are playing. Adults are doing yard work. Everyone is out having a fun time enjoying the weather, except for the house up the dark trail. It was quiet there. Even the birds avoided the yard. The house was worn and the wooden siding was rotting. The roof was falling in and the door wide open. Did anyone live there?

Down the road from the old house was a park. A lovely park with flowers, a pond, and a lot of trees. That was the favorite hang out place among the animals. Early morning you can see deer grazing and in the afternoon birds find the best places to look for worms. The evenings are full of song with frogs croaking and bird singing their nightly song.

This particular afternoon a young blue bird hid in the trees listening to the sparrows talk about the forbidden bird berry tree. They talked about how juicy these berries are and the curse to those that ate from the tree. "It is a death curse." said one bird nervously. The chatter continued as the blue bird listened. He thought to himself that this can't be true. Such a marvolous food can't have a death curse on it. He has heard enough. He took a deep breath and flew down to confront the sparrows.
"This you're saying can't be true," said the blue bird in a strong tone, "I don't believe you." He rustled his feathers and stood tall hovering over the small sparrows.
One sparrow gulped and spoke, "Yes it is sir. My great uncle Stoo saw his friend Jez enter and eat from the forbidden berry tree. Jez didn't make it out alive." The sparrow backs away without making another sound hoping the blue bird doesn't hurt him. All the sparrows huddled together as the blue bird stood there, then he spoke once more.
"This can't be true and I will prove it. I will fly to the old house where these berries are supposed to be. I will eat my share of berries and bring you all back a few." The blue bird took a step forward and frightened the sparrows. "Follow me to the borders and I will prove to you there is no death curese on the berries." The blue bird flapped his wings and flew off. The sparrows looked at each other then flew off after him.

The bird berries were in the yard of the old house. They were a yard length away from the house and other trees surrounded it. The blue bird sat perched on the light pole waiting for the slow sparrows. He thought to himself, "This place doesn't look to bad. And what do you know, it looks like no one lives here. This will be easy."

The sparrows arrive and try to convince the blue bird not to go in the yard. "It's evil." they said. Did he listen to them? Of course not. He takes a deep breath and flies in. He lands on a branch of the tree next to the bird berry tree. He looks around and see's noone, hears noone, but smells the aroma of the forbidden bird berries. He hops closer still staying aware of his surrounding. Nervousness sets in. What if they are right? What if I eat the berries and fall dead? Is it really worth it? As quickly as the nervousness came, it left. There it was, within a beaks reach. The bird berries. The sun gleaming off of them making them look even more delicious.

The blue bird, now entranced by the berries, begins to eat. He eats a few then looks around. Eats a few more then looks around. It continues until that group of berries are gone. He waits before moving to the next group. "These I will take for the sparrows," he said in a low voice. He grabs the group of berries and flies off. The sparrows are at the light pole holding their breath waiting to see if he makes it through without falling victim to the curse.

Everything got silent. No more children playing, no lawn mowers in the background, and no birds are singing their sweet songs. It was like time had stopped. "Does anyone see him anymore," asked one sparrow. Just as those words left the sparrows mouth a mass of shadow was heading their way. "He made it!" cheered the sparrows.

The blue bird landed on the light pole standing proud. "See I told you the curse wasn't real. I ate the berries and made it back out. I am going back in to get more to eat. Are you all going to join me this time?" As the blue bird looked at the sparrows their excitement died. "I don't know," said the sparrow in the back, "How do we know for sure it is safe?"
"Fine, have it your way," said the blue bird as he flew off to the bird berry tree once again. As he munched away he didn't notice the danger he was in. He yelled to the sparrows, "Come on! These are so good! Just come try them fresh from the tree!" Those yells are what alerted the biggest danger, the curse of the bird berry tree.

As he yelled he felt an uneasy feeling but ignored it and went back to eating. The silence now had a slight noise. A few leaves rustled and he looked up quickly. "What was that?" He backed away from the group of berries and hid behind some leaves, or so he thought. Then he saw it. A tall figure with something long attached to it's arm. The blue bird gasped, "The curse!" Then off he flew as fast as he could, yelling to the sparrows, "Fly! Fly away! The curse!! Go!!" Then the silence broke with an echo carried through the trees. The sparrows watched as the curse hit the blue bird. The blue bird fell, crashing into trees. Then with a loud thump he landed just outside the yard.

The sparrows, with eyes wide open, waited to see if the blue bird would fly back up. Minutes past and the sparrows saw nothing. They decided to sneak down there and see if everything was okay. As they got there they saw the blue bird, laying there. "He's not moving." said a petite sparrow as tears ran down her face. They bow their heads in rememberance of the blue bird. Then they hear a rustle. The blue bird was alive. He tried to get up but fell back down. The sparrows see blood trickling down the blue birds wing. His wing was broken.

The sparrows rushed over to the blue bird and helped him up. "We need to get you help right away." said the sparrows as they used all their might to carry him away. They reached the park and made a soft nest by the pond for the blue bird to rest while they found him help. Two sparrows stayed to keep the blue bird company and to make sure he rested. The others flew off to find someone that could help.

They flew for what seemed like hours. They asked every bird for help. Someone must know what to do. Then they met an enormous crow. When they approached him he seemed to have known they were coming. "Your friend is hurt and you need help. Is this correct?" This was a rather old crow. The sparrows nodded their heads as they were afraid to speak. The crow said in a raspy voice, "What you need to do is go see my friend Sari. She will help you take your friend to where he needs to be. Sari is up in the woods on the north ridge. Tell her Jez sent you. She will know where to go.

The sparrows are shocked to hear the name Jez. "Are you Jez?", asked a sparrow. Jez replied back, "Yes, I am. Now go. Your friend needs help fast." The sparrows, still shocked, flew off to the north ridge woods. It was getting dark now and as they approached the woods there was very little light seen through the thick trees. They stopped in front of the woods where they saw a woodpecker. "Excuse me," said one sparrow, "Can you help us? We are looking for Sari. Our friend is hurt and needs help soon. Jez sent us." Just then the leaves on the tallest tree shook as if a big gust of wind blew through.

From a branch high up they heard a voice, "I am Sari the owl. Let's go now. Your friend needs us." Before the sparrows could get a word out Sari flew off. The sparrows were stunned for a moment as they saw the massive bird fly overhead. They had never seen an owl before. "We need to hurry," yelled Sari. Then the sparrows flew off with Sari. They arrived at the park where the blue bird was getting weaker. The sparrows left there to watch over him had sad looks on their face. Sari quickly grabbed the blue bird in her claws and flew off leaving the sparrows at the park. Minutes pass and Sari finally lands on a doorstep. Gently putting the blue bird down on the welcome mat. With her powerful beak Sari rings the doorbell then flies off.

Months pass, summer turns to fall, fall turns to winter, and winter turns to spring. It was time for the gathering at the park. The sparrow friend met up and talked about their adventures over the season. After a few hours of talking the conversation changes to the blue bird they once knew. They haven't seen him since Sari flew off with him. "Do you think he lived?" asked one sparrow, "Or do you think the curse got him?" As they talk more about the curse and their friend the blue bird, they hear a thump behind them. "Curses aren't real," said a very powerful voice. As the sparrows turn around they see a majestic blue bird. Their friend has returned. They all jump for joy. That evening a celebration was held for the bravery of the sparrows and the return of their friend. "Tell us all about your adventures my friend." yelled a sparrow trying to talk over the chatter of the feast. "Tell us your story."

Barked by: Hershey (Dogster Member)

April 20th 2011 at 10:11 pm

Sounds like there must be more to this story...
Barked by: (retired)minister misty (Dogster Member)

June 1st 2011 at 9:14 am

wow,i really enjoyed that story noel.
i hope you will give me the joy of writing more about the blue bird.
Barked by: Brewster (An Angel Now) (Dogster Member)

July 17th 2011 at 5:13 am

A very good story Noel. I hope that you and mom will continue about this blue bird adventure. Thank you for this wonderful reading.




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