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My Escape from the Puppy Mill

July 8th 2009 5:31 am
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I was born 2 short months ago in a place called a puppy mill in Ohio. I don't remember much about it, just that it wasn't a good place to be. The Amish who ran it believe that we puppies are livestock just like pigs and cows (excuse me, I don't believe I look a thing like that!) so they have no problem keeping us in less than the 5 star conditions that I think we deserve.

Well one day these nice people came in who call themselves the Ladybug Rescue and they broke me and my littermates free along with some mix breed puppies!!! We went with them to their facilities where they got us cleaned up, got us started on our puppy shots (owie!), hugged us, and made sure that we got the great homes that we deserve.

One by one the puppies left until it was just me and one of my brothers left. Last night the rescue man walked in with a super friendly pommie and a smiling lady. He picked me up and handed me to her. I clung to her really tight. He gave her a bag of my food and some other things called medicine and a dvd that he said that I'd need and she gave him some green stuff that I think is called money...the friendly pommie who is my big brother wanted to shred it BOL! Then we got into her car and drove off.

My new mommy let me sit in her lap since I was so scared. Eventually, I stood up on my hind legs to try to get closer to her. She held me tight and told me that my life would get a lot better and she pet me a lot. After a half hour, I smiled at her because I believed her! Yay! This will be really good. A few minutes later I threw up down her shirt BOL! Mommy told me that it was ok and said that she wasn't sure if I get car sick or if it was from my nerves from the new situation. Anyway, I cuddled up against her after that and slept the rest of the way back to Indiana.

We eventually arrived at this place that mommy tells me is my new home. She tried giving me some of my food and water but I was still too unsure of myself to eat. She set up a crate next to her bed and got me settled in it then she and Bailey got into the big bed. I was so nervous that I started crying, so she laid an old towel on her bed (she said it was in case I had to pee) and brought me up there with her and Bailey. Tee hee hee! I have her wrapped around my little tail already BOL!! I snuggled up against mommy and we went to sleep.

So that's how I made it to my forever home. I'll keep you updated as I figure out more about how to act like a dog - I don't know what that means yet, but Bailey says that he'll teach me.

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