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July 6th 2009 1:48 pm
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as i told u before where i got her she had a cat and ginger was jelous of the cat.she was so jelous that when she said here kitty,kitty,kitty ginger would come and not the cat!!!! [so cute!] and when i got her my dads friend had handed me her food when i got her and said she eats cat food.[OMG,rite!] so i took her home and she ate the catfood! and when i called here kitty,kitty!she actully came!!![again so cute]ginger is still alive and doin good! i love my dog becuz she protects me! even how small she is.when i am sittin on the couch and shes rite by me if u hit me she will try to nip u really hard! but if u pat me she will just sit there. ok i will rite more later so woof fur now!

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Ginger Marie Boettcher


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