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November 20th 2011 3:35 pm
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Woo Hoo! Chuck It. Out in our rocky, weedy place. No Schnauzers to bark at me and chase me. Just Mom and me.

Don't need to bark anymore.


Hunting my new tennis ball

November 15th 2011 9:23 am
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Mom gave me a new tennis ball yesterday! Fun! We played fetch with it. Until it bounced over the fence.
That's ok though. Mom and I have a system. I run to the yard gate and she and I go out into the front yard. I run around to the gate into the neighbor's pasture and start hunting the ball. I've done it before. It's fun! I am a good boy and run over there, find the ball and come right back to Mom. Then we go back into our yard. That's just what I did yesterday.
Then the Schnauzers basically attacked me. They weren't biting, but they were "yelling" at me and getting all up in my grill.
I just didn't feel like playing with the tennis ball after that.
We all came inside. But Mom did tell me I was a good boy.
I hope we can play with the new tennis ball today.



October 4th 2011 9:39 am
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The Schnauzers left with Mom. Ugh. I did stay home with Dad but I do get nervous without the other pups and Mom.
But then, hallelujah! Mom got home. I let her know I would really, really like to go out of the yard to play with the Chuck-It toy.
She took the hint! We went out into the weedy place and Inkspot and Scooter came with us. Mom tossed the ball for me several times.
I guess I must be out of shape. I only played for about 4 or 5 throws and then I wouldn't let her toss the ball. We came back in the yard and now I am relaxing in the house.
I gotta get back in shape.


Grilled water

July 11th 2011 2:36 pm
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Well, ok, technically the water wasn't grilled. But while the lawn sprinkler was hitting it, water was dripping off of the grill onto the patio.
Mom cooked bacon on the grill the other morning. You know, so the house wouldn't smell like bacon for several days. Then she burned some burgers yesterday.
Some of that yummy greasy flavor dripped onto the patio. I started lapping it up. Even though I was getting wet. I know, I know, I am part lab but I don't really like getting wet.
I will sacrifice for the greasy, Meatz™ water.


a poem we found

July 4th 2011 9:04 am
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Mom found this in the June-Aug. 2011 issue of Bark magazine.

offleash dogs
exploiting freedom---
'selective listening'

by Alexandra Yurkovsky

That describes me yesterday. I got to go on a walk along the ditch bank where all kinds of men and machines had been working. It is much quieter there now so we went for a walk.
The poem describes me so well, that is why I had to be put on a leash on the way back. Mom didn't want me running into the road on the way home.
It was a good walk!


Sorry Mom

July 3rd 2011 5:31 am
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We had all gone to bed last night.
That's when I started barking.
Now you gotta know that I don't do that unless I hear something outside or Sister comes in late, after we are all in bed.
So when I let out a big bark, Mom and Sister kinda got creeped out.
Was I barking at fireworks? Did I hear voices? A cat growling?
I can't say.
I got quiet. Then in an hour or so I let out a few more barks.
Mom thought about calling the sheriff's office to do a drive by check. But that seemed a little silly.
"Hello, could you send out a car to just drive past my place? Well, there is nothing wrong. My dog is barking at something."

I quit barking. Mom went back to sleep.
All is well this morning. Sorry for kinda skeering you Mom.


I Am a retriever

June 26th 2011 8:10 pm
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Had to go over to the neighbor's pasture to retrieve a tennis ball that Sister had thrown. Problem was, I didn't see where the ball went.
Sister told Mom. The other dogs went inside. Mom let me out the other yard gate. I ran around a little bit crazy but she told me to find the ball.
I went over there but I had no idea where the ball was. Mom didn't want to climb through the barb wire so we came back into our yard. She showed me the direction of the ball. I went back over to the neighbor's pasture. Sister came out and the both of them were telling me to find the ball.
I was running and looking for all I was worth. It was fun!
Finally Sister acted like she was throwing the ball. Then I finally found that ball!
I brought it back in the yard and Sister threw it for me a couple of times. This time she didn't throw it into the neighbor's pasture.
I Am a retriever.


Wow! Look at my page!

June 23rd 2011 2:16 pm
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My page is looking Good thanks to all of you great pals here on this Dogster thing. You have made my special Gotcha day a very special day.
Please don't think me rude but I am going to list all of you who've sent gifts. It would take Mom a really long time to thank each of you by pmail.
Thank you all!

Duncan and Hamish
Louie, Bella and Miller
Pepper CGC
Redford and pack (plus a cool picture)
Abby CGC
Lucy and Daisy
Sagwa and family
Sophie Claire and Harley Davidson
The Barking Machines (Lacey and Shakey)
Maxwell, Roxi and Kodi
Demon Flash Bandit and Angel Zoom Smokey
Buddy, Molly and Scooter Morris
Nekko (a kitty!, I am cool with kitties)
Lil Bear
Austin and Doo (and another cool picture)

What a great bunch of pals I have! Thank you all again.


My Birthday/Gotcha Day!

June 22nd 2011 6:14 am
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When Mom and Dad adopted me, the shelter lady told them I was about a year and a half old. So even though my Dogster profile says I am 3, I am a little older than that. But what is really the important thing is that I have been in my furever home for 2 years! Mom even has it marked on her big calendar.
Maybe we can all have some home made frosty paws later today. It is a great outside treat for a hot day.

Thank you for celebrating with me today. Grab a bully stick!

And Mom is dealing with some water in our basement right now but thank you to all who have sent rosettes and gifts! We will have to get back with our thank yous!


'Bout Barked Out

June 13th 2011 11:47 am
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Don't ever think that I can't bark with the best of 'em. I can. I proved it this morning.
We were relaxing inside when we suddenly got invited outside. We went outside and I saw the big truck pull in. A truck with words painted on the back part. A guy got out. Hmm. He looked just like the guy's picture painted on the truck! Anywho, barked a lot at that guy. He went to the front door.
Now the little dog Zoe barks. A lot. But she got to go back inside after a little while. I have been known to nip at guys' pant legs so I stayed outside. Yep, I have nipped at the Orkin man and the appliance delivery guy. So I provided cover fire from our yard. It was safer for the man that way. Mom is a *little* embarrassed that I do bark a ferocious bark and nip at people. But then again, she is here alone during the day. I would scare away anybody thinking bad thoughts. I would protect Mom.

The worker guy went in and out several times carrying stuff. Then he hauled in a new water heater. He stayed inside then. I barked every time he went in or out, when I could see him. I was running around a lot too. I 'pert near wore out my barker! I must admit I almost stopped barking when I saw him come outside the next time. Not quite, but almost stopped. I was panting like crazy and the outside water dish was almost empty. Mom filled it back up for me.

I got to come back inside when the guy left. I checked out what went on and now I am going to take a well-deserved break.

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