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Took our Big Buddy to the Dentist

June 14th 2013 2:40 pm
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Our big buddy had to go to the dentist and we had to drive him because he would be too woozy to drive himself home.

I haven't been working since I was skunked, so I was really excited when my person geared me up. We all got into our red traveling den and took off.

It was a short ride, so I didn't get much of a nap. Into a building and up some stairs and into an office waiting room, and we were there. But there were no fans to admire me. We had the room to ourselves.

The humans did some talking, so I did some laying down. Suddenly, my big buddy was called into the depths of the office and he went away. Instead of going with him, my person and I left the office and drove home.

My person did some chores and walked in circles while I watched her. Finally, we took a walk and I did my business early. Good thing, because my person got the call to go pick up my big buddy when we were on our way home.

Back into my gear and into the traveling den! It took us a while to get there because my person made a wrong turn. Good thing I was there to help her keep her sense of humor!

When we got to the office, our big buddy was not waiting for us. After my person paid the bill and the front desk staff admired me, we had to go into the depths of the office to go get him. The nurse showed us the way. Of course, she admired me first. I can't help gaining fans! There were so many new smells in the air in the back office.

My big buddy was sitting in a big chair and all the people talk talk talked for a while, so I laid down and pretended to listen. I made my person laugh.

Finally, all the talk was done, and our big buddy got out of the chair and came with us out of the dentist's office. We had to take the elevator because he couldn't take the stairs.

Now we're home and my big buddy is sitting on the couch playing a "video game" (whatever that is) while my person takes dictation for my diary. I can't have couch time with him today, which is our special time. He seems okay, so maybe tomorrow...


It's called a skunk

June 5th 2013 7:23 am
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I met a new critter the other day. Apparently, it's called a skunk.

I was at the park, chasing the tennis ball my person had thrown and there it was. Mr. Skunk is not a friendly creature, I discovered. In fact, I'd say he was downright grumpy.

I had three baths that day: two with a terrible smelling concoction that I hope to never experience again.

My person says I still smell a bit like a skunk, but I can't tell.

This morning when we went to the park to play, guess who was waiting for us? Yes! Mr. Skunk. I REALLY wanted a rematch, but my person wouldn't let me. I think I could take him this time. I really do.

We went to a different field to play ball, and I had a good time. My person hopes that Mr. Skunk is just passing through and is not going to set up housekeeping in the park. Me. . . I wouldn't mind seeing Mr. Skunk again. I don't know why my person runs in the other direction.


Our Traveling Den

April 22nd 2013 12:49 pm
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The other day, it was time to go play at the ball field, so we got into our red traveling den, but it didn't want to start.

I was worried that I wasn't going to get to chase the tennis ball, but finally, it started and my person made the choice to risk going to the park. I played and played and had a great time, but I could tell that my person was not quite as focused as usual.

When it was time to go home, the traveling den would not start! I panted happily to set the tone as my person tried again and again and finally, got the traveling den started. We got home and I had my breakfast.

My person could not let this go on. The next day, she suited me up, and we drove our den to the car repair place. This was a huge place where there were many screeching loud noises and new people to admire me. They took our den away and we waited.

We were there for a long, long, long time. I took ... a lot of naps. There were children running around. Secretly, I wished they could have played with me. They wished that too, but their parents knew not to let them.

A veteran came over to talk to my person about the dog that was in his unit in Iraq. He said I reminded him of that dog. If he had asked, my person would have let him pet me.

Finally, after the sun had made us move across the room to avoid the heat, our traveling den was fixed and ready for us to take home.

The staff took our picture in front of our den before we drove home. I have new fans!

Now we can go to the park again!


Doctor's appointment

March 29th 2013 10:08 am
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Yesterday was an exciting day. We went to my human's doctor for a visit!

It was so much fun! First, there was the car ride, which I love, because it means I get to nap. Then, when we got there, I got to suit up to work! We haven't been getting out a lot, so I haven't been working much.

My person was disoriented inside the building, but there were a lot of nice people who directed her to the correct floor. And we took the elevator! It's been a long time and it was fun!

People were commenting on my beauty, which I have missed. I like having fans. When we got to the doctor's office, a little boy came running over because he said he wanted a dog just like me! I wished I could have played with him.

Then it got boring. Waiting for our turn, and then waiting while my person was weighed (she was happy about the result though, so that was fun).

I was really interested in the sound the blood pressure cuff made, though. That was fun! I cocked my head and made the nurse laugh.

Then it got boring again. The doctor came in and she and my person talk, talk, talked. I dozed. Then my person put me in a down-stay in the corner and she climbed up on a table.

I watched while the doctor manipulated my person and they talked some more. When my person laid down on the table, I broke my down-stay. Yes! I know it was bad. I walked over and licked my person's hand. She reassured me, told me to go lie down, and I went back into my corner and waited like I was supposed to.

Soon, my person was off the table and she called me back to her side. The rest of the appointment I dozed, because they talked a lot more. Suddenly, they were saying good-bye and it was time to go.

My person was disoriented again--that building was confusing--but I took us to the elevator and that's where she wanted to go, so we were soon off for home.

As soon as we got home, we went for a walk and that was fun, too! I like it when we're busy! We should work more often, I think. And get some kids, too, to play with.


Long day already

January 13th 2013 12:19 pm
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It has been a very long day, but the sun is high and I want to play more, so I think there is still plenty of time for mischievousness.

We went early to play at the local ball fields, but found that someone else was playing in our special place and did not want us around! We walked along the horse path until we found a better place to play and saw many rabbits on the way.

Immediately afterwards, we went to the grocery store because my big buddy hasn't been feeling well and needed ginger ale and ice cream immediately.

After my breakfast, which is the highlight of the morning after playing, my big buddy started to feel worse, so I was suited up and we quickly took him to something called Urgent Care, where I did a lot of very boring waiting until he finally came out.

Then it got exciting, because we went to the pharmacy, and then to Walmart to find a reading pillow for him (and didn't find it), and then back to the pharmacy, all in just a few minutes. Some kids coming out of the pharmacy were scared to see me, which made me sad. They didn't know that I'm very goofy and friendly on the inside.

Finally, my big buddy had everything he needed to feel better and we headed for home. I have a nice bully stick to chew which should keep me out of trouble for a while. However, the day is young.


Saying good-bye to a dog friend

November 14th 2012 12:42 pm
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It is a sad day. Grandma's doberman, Kiber, isn't here anymore.

I miss him already. He was my friend.


Company Picnic and a new best friend

August 18th 2012 4:01 pm
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Today was the picnic for the company where my big buddy works. I only know that he goes away in his traveling den and comes back at the same time every day.

Anyway, it was very fun and exciting. There were wonderful smells that I had to ignore. Well, that wasn't fun. There were chickens walking around that I had to ignore. Hmmm... that wasn't fun, either.

What WAS fun was the toddlers at the table next to ours. A little girl named Arabella was fascinated with me and with her parents' permission, spent time playing with me as I lay on my mat next to my human. She found my ears and identified them properly, as well as my tail and my nails. Good job, Arabella!

She found my nose, and pointed toward my eyes and she and my person identified them together.

Arabella was gentle for the most part. At one point, though, she was pulling the hair a bit on the end of my tail. I didn't really care. She was like a tiny puppy, just getting into minor trouble.

Her little brother petted me gently with an open hand on my head and on my rear. These kids were so much fun! Finally, my person had to stop the fun because I was working, but she told Arabella thanks for playing with me.

I think I'd like a toddler of my own. I wonder where you get them...


Busy morning

August 3rd 2012 8:10 am
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This morning was busier than usual. We got up and helped our big buddy get ready for work, and then we dashed off in our red traveling den to the ball field to play.

But we did not go home after we finished playing! We drove to the gas station and I stuck my head out the window to watch my person perform the magic of putting fuel into the traveling den.

Then we went to the grocery store, where I was very good even though I was frisky from our earlier play.

We got a lot of loot, but nothing for a dog. Can you believe it? All that work I do and nothing for me?

Luckily, it was time for my breakfast when we got back. Hooray! I love breakfast. So, I ate and she swallowed her meds and made funny faces. She says they taste terrible.

It's better to be a dog, I think.


An unexpected visit to the pdoc

August 3rd 2012 8:06 am
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My person has been feeling unwell. She is undergoing a med change. I think it has something to do with the things she swallows with water whenever she feeds me my meals.

She's been sleeping a LOT. We play early in the morning at the ballfield or at the dog park, she feeds me and makes funny faces when swallowing those things with water, then she sleeps for a while. She wakes up, takes me out, then sleeps some more. Boring!

Well, day before yesterday, she only slept a little and then she suited me up and off we went to the pdoc's office. I like the pdoc. She knows dogs and appreciates me for the work I do.

But that day, my person actually cried! She NEVER cries. Oh, I got as close as I could and that helped. The pdoc changed the meds and now things are going to get better, even though my person is still sleeping a lot.



A day at Grandma's

August 3rd 2012 8:00 am
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We went to my person's mother's den a few days ago. I was so happy to see my friend Kiber, who is an old, fat doberman and is my special friend. I am the only one who can make him frolic like a pup. Not for long, of course, because he gets tired before I'm ready.

My person and Grandma eat lunch and Kiber and I have to lie quietly... boring for me. Kiber snores, even when I sneak over to start mischief. I wish I knew him when he was newer.

Then the people knit and chat and Kiber naps and I help with the yarn. I am very helpful in very many ways, you know.

Before long, it's time to go. I have to go over to Kiber's favorite spot to exchange goodbye sniffs and licks. Grandma gives me many long pets, and then we're back in our red traveling den, headed to our home den.

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