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Go Home Beagle!

August 7th 2010 1:10 pm
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Day 3 of the beagle's visit. I can't wait till she leaves. I really don't care for her. She cries a lot and that makes mom pet her...which I just HATE! That's MY mommy!!!! I make sure I nose my way in between them so she know's mommy belongs to me.

And talk about lack of manners. Can you believe she actually stands up and tries to grab food off the counters? OMD! How rude!! Mom is always telling her no. At dinner time she is like a dancing maniac - her nails (which, BTW, need trimming) clickety clack on the kitchen floor like she's tap dancing. Plus she's always in mom's way, which means it takes longer for mom to feed us.

Also, mom is very allergic to her (which I think is great cause mom can't pet her much!!!) She smells a ripe doggy. Oh and she farts. Talk about el stinkolo!!

Ok, and worst of all.....SHE TRIES TO SNUGGLE WITH MOM IN BED!!! How dare she???!!! Ugh! This dog seriously needs some lessons in manners! Somebody get me the number for Emily Post!! BOL!

I'm counting down the days till she is gone. On the bright side, she makes me & Josey look like perfect little angels...well almost perfect ;)

Barked by: Kc (Dogster Member)

June 19th 2012 at 2:06 pm

Umm... *cough cough* Just kidding! Does the beagle snore? I do. I do all that and more.I believe those to be beagleish traits. :)




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