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Lil's Daily Bark

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August 22nd 2010 5:23 am
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Hi all!

Mom is going on vacation so I'll be gone until 8/30.

Have a great week!


DDP on 8/15/10

August 20th 2010 12:18 pm
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So it FINALLY happened! I was a dogster DDP! On August 15th, and mom was too busy to even let me on to talk about it. Well I'm still very excited! I've been missing all my dogster hasn't had time to let me on Dogster for a long time :( Its been a crazy summer.

Our beagle houseguest is gone now. Thank goodness. I'm dog-gone tired from having to watch that she didn't try to steal my food, chase my cats or snuggle with MY mom!!! BOL! Mom said she learned one thing from this, she couldn't handle owning 3 dogs! At least not while we have 4 cats! Our house seemed much more crowded! We'd have to move. Maybe a farm? Hee hee hee! Mom says that's not happening.

Hope all my pup friends had a great summer!



Go Home Beagle!

August 7th 2010 1:10 pm
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Day 3 of the beagle's visit. I can't wait till she leaves. I really don't care for her. She cries a lot and that makes mom pet her...which I just HATE! That's MY mommy!!!! I make sure I nose my way in between them so she know's mommy belongs to me.

And talk about lack of manners. Can you believe she actually stands up and tries to grab food off the counters? OMD! How rude!! Mom is always telling her no. At dinner time she is like a dancing maniac - her nails (which, BTW, need trimming) clickety clack on the kitchen floor like she's tap dancing. Plus she's always in mom's way, which means it takes longer for mom to feed us.

Also, mom is very allergic to her (which I think is great cause mom can't pet her much!!!) She smells a ripe doggy. Oh and she farts. Talk about el stinkolo!!

Ok, and worst of all.....SHE TRIES TO SNUGGLE WITH MOM IN BED!!! How dare she???!!! Ugh! This dog seriously needs some lessons in manners! Somebody get me the number for Emily Post!! BOL!

I'm counting down the days till she is gone. On the bright side, she makes me & Josey look like perfect little angels...well almost perfect ;)


Lots of news!

August 5th 2010 12:56 pm
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Hi pups! I'm back. Mom was away for a few days to go to a funeral but she's home once again. When she came back I cried terribly to let her know how much I missed her. I even grabbed her leg with my 2 front paws and wouldn't let her walk!! So glad she's home.

Last night my pawrents took us in the car. While we were driving mom kept saying things like, "I don't know how this will go," and "We're not leaving the car if they're barking." Where the dog are they taking us??? Well the car stopped and we were somewhere I never saw before. I smelled food and strange people and......DOGS! Mom said it was Yappy Hour, a get together of local people & their dogs at an outside cafe. There was someone playing the guitar & singing, all sorts of food smells and lots of dogs!

Mom was super happy with me cause I was very good. She was worried that I would bark & cause a scene when I saw all those dogs, but I was GOOD! I met so many doggies & I was on my best behavior!! Ok, I did start barking when this other dog barked, but it was only a couple of woofs, and there was this little brown dog that I didn't care for and I showed a little teeth, but I backed off as soon as dad said "no!" So ha ha ha mom! I was a good girl!! Much better than she had expected!

And today, we got a house guest! That beagle that stayed with us once before is here again. I'm not so sure I like her yet. She tried to climb on mom's lap and I had to shove my way in between them & show her who's boss around here! ME! Mom said she's staying with us a whole week. Sheesh! She better not try to snuggle with MY mommy again!

I sure am tired. Gonna take a quick dog nap. See ya later pups!


I got a short hair cut! :o

July 22nd 2010 7:57 pm
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I've been getting a lot of time in the pool this year and I really like it!! But I didn't like how heavy I got once all my fur was got me a short hair cut at the groomers! Mom thinks I look super duper cute. She calls me her little lambie now! OMD, moms are soooooo silly! Mom is going to try to get a nice picture of me with my new 'do.

Oh and mom bought me & Josey a MEGA BONE. She order it online where she gets our food. Well when it got here it really was MEGA! I'll post a picture soon. Mom only let me eat a small piece of it tonight, but that means there will be lots left for tomorrow! Hooray! :)



The Best Walk EVER!!!!!!

June 28th 2010 9:22 pm
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O-M-D! I had so much fun on my walk tonight!!! We went for our walk around 8:30 tonight. Mom made us wait since it was so hot today. But let me tell, the wait was totally worth it!

It began as usual and mom was praising me for walking so nicely. I even listened to her when we walked by the yard where 3 doggies were playing & barking. Mom said I was such a good girl cause I didn't bark at them and I listened to her.

We walked for a little while longer and then dad said it was time to head back home. It was getting dark and there are no street lights in our neighborhood. That's when I saw THEM! 2 girls walking 2 dogs!!! I got really excited and mom tried to settle me down by tugging on my lead. Well somehow the leash that attaches to my gentle leader collar went in my mouth and I bit it and PRESTO! I was FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

I ran over to the one dog and somehow that dog got FREE too!! That dog started running and I started chasing it and oh boy, look, mom is running too! What fun!!! We did a few laps and then mom stepped in front of the other dog which made me slow down and then mom grabbed me and put the leash back on.

On the way home I heard mom & dad discussing me. Mom said she was worried what I was going to do because I carry on so bad when I see another dog walking. She said she was so happy that I only wanted to play & wasn't aggressive. Then dad asked mom if she heard him yelling while we were running. Mom said she didn't hear him & he told her that he was telling her to stop chasing me. Mom then said "OHHHH I forgot everything I learned from Victoria" I don't know WHAT or WHO she was talking about. Then mom had a lightbulb moment...she said, I guess I didn't hear you yelling to me, just like Lily didn't hear me calling to her. We were both too caught up in the moment.

Well mom is going to try to figure out how to get me to listen better and is going to examine my collar & lead to make sure I can't get free again. HRMPH! No fun mom!!!!


OMD I'm a DDP!!!

June 18th 2010 6:55 am
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WOW!! I can't believe it!! How exciting! ARooooooo!!! I just have to bark about it!!! woof woof woof!!!

Guess what else? On our walk yesterday we this HUGE metal thing-a-ma-jiggy. Mom said the words on it said "DANGER! BEAR TRAP!" I knew it wasn't there last time we walked by so of course I barked at it!

Seems like Mr. Bear has been making the rounds in the neighborhood. Just last week we saw him in the morning in the neighbor's yard.

Oh and also, dad is off today! Yippee!! We get a 3 day weekend with mom & dad! What an exciting time!!!

Hugs to all my doggie buds!



June 13th 2010 10:06 am
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Phew! Its hot & humid here. Yesterday mom went for a swim and as usual, Josey & I wanted to play by the pool. So mom was throwing our water toys and we would stick our noses in the water to try to grab them. But we wouldn't go IN the pool.

Then mom had to swim to the deep end to get our toy and suddenly SPLASH! I fell in the pool in the shallow end. Mom quickly swam towards me. She told me I was a good girl and gently put her arms under my belly and guided me to the steps as I swam. I got out and then made mom dry me off with the towel.

Once she was done, I ran back over to the pool and walked on the steps!! I wanted more!! Mom says she knows I would love to swim but I just can't figure out how to get in the water. Dad has ordered us a pool ramp but it hasn't come in yet.

I hope it stops raining today so I can go in again!!! FUN :)


Hip hip hooray! Mom & dad are back!!

May 13th 2010 4:18 pm
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I am so happy that mom & dady have returned from their vacation!!! Boy did we miss them!! They were gone 4 days and our Aunt Dot came to stay with us. She was nice but we only went for 1 walk in all those days!!!

I missed them SO much! When they walked in the door I started crying and talking up a storm. Then I sniffed them all over...boy, did they have some strange smells on them.

Feels good to have everything back to normal again :)


Mom & Dad are going away without us!

May 5th 2010 3:23 pm
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Its true. They're going on a vacation and my aunt is coming to stay with us for a few days. Hope she knows what she's getting into! BOL!!!

I gotta run, Mom's got lots more to do before they leave. See you all in a few days!


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