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Howling at the Wolf Moon!

Way Behind! Dogster Junction Roaring Twenties Party!

August 24th 2009 2:00 pm
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Way, way behind on my journal, haven't much gotten to visit groups either but that's the way it is, the way of the world for us dogs with jobs & our people who want nothing more than to come home and prop up their feet & have a nice dinner or a good cup of coffee or a cold beer & unwind & relax & take it easy after a long hard day of work sometimes with overtime. Enjoy working & it does work of an appetite for me, but I do help pay for my food so I enjoy the food that I've earned! At least me & August Max did get to make a little time to go to the Dogster Junction costume party although both of us ended up having to work for the Australian Cruise on C&D cruise lines. We were going to bark for August Max and take that tour through Australia & then wouldn't you know it, last minute we got a job or foster Dad & I did! Got called in so he grabbed me & the other dogs that live with us and off we went to work to guard something, do guard dog duty at a party so attended a different party in a way!

Just loved that Dogster Junction costume party because I got to go in as a gangster & hopefully revealed myself as a fed before the party was over! Great big raid going on so that was everyfur's cue to run off to bed or to start saying good night! Then, of course, we had to run out to work too & go ahead & leave but we had such a great time playing undercover G Men & throwing meatballs & bacon sausage meatballs (? think that's what they were?) at other dogs' mouths & if only in real life someone would throw meat balls for us to catch! Wouldn't that be a real doggy treat? If only we had food like that in real life too the steak & lobster tail & prime rib, I would just be in doggy heaven! Ever thought of having a great doggy party foster Dad or my original family? Just a thought!
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