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Dandelion Breeze Wishes & Lost & Found

Mutt that's me!!!! WELCOME BACK JESSE JAMES!!!!!

August 26th 2009 11:25 am
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By the way -- I'm a mutt!!! And proud of it too! Yes, I'm part Carolina Dog & part Basenji but I have some German Shepherd Dog to me too & it shows in my face! Yes, I have German Shepherd blood though I'm not a purebred or GSD aristocracy like August Max & Marcus Maxx but Mom & Dad certainly have no problem with that one & say that mutt covers a lot of territory & they like mutts & so do the kids. They also love the purebreds so they cover a lot of territory too. The kids still want a Shiba Inu a "fox dog" but doesn't Josey Wales look a bit fox like in his photos? So does Jesse James! No Shiba Inu blood but Jesse is part JRT (Jack Russell Terrier) & part Basenji & Dad so thinks of Basenji's as smaller dogs & they're not always & vary in size. Jesse is middling and he has been found too so don't know who the devil those other people had, but welcome back Jesse James & Outlaw will just have to be jealous!!!! Yeah we all know you're Dad's golden son & favored fur child buddy boy, but you just remember the kids especially the teens adore the rough Outlaw Josey a real dog's dog & the GSD's after they have him down in submit position as they just know they're the ALPHA of the dogs that they adore him too and just love to play with him!!!!
WELCOME BACK JESSE JAMES!!!!! Know that Dad is thrilled that you're still alive & well & that (heh heh heh heh heh) you ran away with the Carolina Dogs too!!!!! So uh, Dad???? Is it still MY fault???? Hey for all you know I was taking off after them..... Hmmm????
ARRRRROOOOO!!! AAAARRRROOOO!!!! Augie from the Carolina Dog Project (Jesse James is with a third very strange pack & you thought my group was wierd?!)


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