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Dandelion Breeze Wishes & Lost & Found

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Mutt that's me!!!! WELCOME BACK JESSE JAMES!!!!!

August 26th 2009 11:25 am
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By the way -- I'm a mutt!!! And proud of it too! Yes, I'm part Carolina Dog & part Basenji but I have some German Shepherd Dog to me too & it shows in my face! Yes, I have German Shepherd blood though I'm not a purebred or GSD aristocracy like August Max & Marcus Maxx but Mom & Dad certainly have no problem with that one & say that mutt covers a lot of territory & they like mutts & so do the kids. They also love the purebreds so they cover a lot of territory too. The kids still want a Shiba Inu a "fox dog" but doesn't Josey Wales look a bit fox like in his photos? So does Jesse James! No Shiba Inu blood but Jesse is part JRT (Jack Russell Terrier) & part Basenji & Dad so thinks of Basenji's as smaller dogs & they're not always & vary in size. Jesse is middling and he has been found too so don't know who the devil those other people had, but welcome back Jesse James & Outlaw will just have to be jealous!!!! Yeah we all know you're Dad's golden son & favored fur child buddy boy, but you just remember the kids especially the teens adore the rough Outlaw Josey a real dog's dog & the GSD's after they have him down in submit position as they just know they're the ALPHA of the dogs that they adore him too and just love to play with him!!!!
WELCOME BACK JESSE JAMES!!!!! Know that Dad is thrilled that you're still alive & well & that (heh heh heh heh heh) you ran away with the Carolina Dogs too!!!!! So uh, Dad???? Is it still MY fault???? Hey for all you know I was taking off after them..... Hmmm????
ARRRRROOOOO!!! AAAARRRROOOO!!!! Augie from the Carolina Dog Project (Jesse James is with a third very strange pack & you thought my group was wierd?!)


Knew that was you OUTLAW JOSEY!!!!

August 26th 2009 11:10 am
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Hello The Outlaw Josey Wales!!!! Having fun gunslinging with the Carolina Dog Project???? No more about me taking off with the Carolina Dogs cause where are you exactly? Hmm. Extending neck & grrrring. Knew that you was you Outlaw! You bit me in the hind side Outlaw & I owe you one for that! Knew I was catching glimpses of you from time to time there bud, just knew it.... Dog Project has got you on their list now budro. You're not missing any more, just a matter of catching you & extracting you from that dog pack since some of those dogs probably won't be leaving. Having fun? Still mad at Dad over all of those unfavorable comparisons to his beloved Josey Wales because you're so much bigger than he was & taller & just very, very different & incredibly domineering thinking you're as big as those GSD's August Max & Marcus Maxx & trying to pick fights with them. You'll have to cool down toward them bud cause they can eat you! They're the guard dogs my friend so just remember that one. I'm sure they'll be in touch soon via paw mail or email or diary to give you some doggy grrrr's too & doggy lectures. But all the same Welcome Back to Planet Earth Outlaw Josey!!!! I'm sure you'll share your travels through the galaxy with us soon.
AAAAARRRRRROOOOOO!!!!! Augie from The Carolina Dog Project


Thanks for the Birthday Presents & Peter Pan

August 11th 2009 1:15 am
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Thanks for finally remembering my birthday my woofday to one of the Carolina Dog Projects & to my family. Really like my photo with the birthday cake & balloons & presents & niced stuffed teddy bear, hopefully a squeaky one, for me to shake & tear apart & enjoy playing with & tearing apart (sorry kids & sorry about your stuffed toys that I ate on back & your other toys that became dog toys -- will either have to keep them out of reach or mark them in somehow not the way dogs mark things & teach me those toys are yours! As far as us dogs are concerned anything left down on the floor are our toys!) Thanks to Dion the CatDog, Pinto Paint, & family for my cupcake that replenishes that I can share with the Carolina Dog pack. We love sweets when we can get them though people fuss about dog having sweets.

Know some of the older kids & adults remember the beloved Peter Pan from their childhoods although they're far too old for Never Land now or some are, so I'm Peter Pan especially for anyone younger in the family to protect you from Captain Hook for now just in dream form but when we're back together in reality. I will keep Captain Hook at bay & keep him away from your slumber world which is very close to Never Land that dream time place. What do you think of me as Peter Pan, the dog Peter Pan? I can fly even though I'm not an angel dog in this outfit with just a little magic fairy dust and some happy thoughts! So think good thoughts skyward about being back together with your family and remember to say your prayers! Meditate on it which means focus on it, think about it, see it in your head & feel it in your heart & wish for it so that we might all be back together as soon as possible.
From the Carolina Dog World, Augie

** Thanks too to Dion & family for the baseball in recognition of my being a Daily Diary Pick! **

Am I forgetting to thank anyfur? I'll come back & add it here if I have. Good Night & Sweet Dreams & Doggy Licks kisses to the kids & teens.


My Birthday & Robin Hood's Party

August 9th 2009 7:19 pm
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Well, the cats are saying that they were there the entire time as they were hanging around waiting for pages to load & reading thru the party until that page would crash & then reloading & reading thru & trying to post so they said that counts, but Mouser is miffed because he had a great Terminator thing planned & those dressed as X Men characters had something planned on dropping down from the ceiling so they said still they were at the party the entire time even if they couldn't post so that counts. Yeah & you're laid back cats & we're DOGS! The dogs say that the party space ship -- okay I say -- took off & left some of us behind on planet Earth so still hope that those who were there didn't have the problems some of us were having & had just a great time. Hope that the birthday dog had a wooferful party too, but we just had a dismal time. Good news is that I get to keep on my costume until a new swimsuit pic is up or another pic so until Beckham's party next weekend as slow as all of these humans are at getting pics up. However, they have promised me a birthday pic since, can you believe it?! They missed my birthday on August 8th too! It was my birthday! My Woofday & no one remembered except for myabe Dogster -- something about a message wishing me a Happy Birthday! So I get a birthday pic too! Arrroooo! Woof! Woof! Barkity Bark Bark! Thanks!
From the Carolina Dog Project, The Green Lantern Augie

Okay GSD's enfamile! Green lanterns lighting me up so I won't get lost again! And where are you exactly? Like you didn't take off or get stolen too!


Green Lantern & Thanks for the idea!

August 8th 2009 6:31 am
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We are not going to do entries especially as we are great procrastinators for every single one of us going to the Science Fiction party at Dogster Junction for Robin Hood's WoofDay but thanks for the idea of the captions for our photos Dion & Pinto Paint & family & we did you one better & changed our forums mottoes so all would know who we were supposed to be. Yes, that's right we did the same sorts of entry on what we barked about in groups or I did the same sort as you did and I won a Daily Diary Pick! Not a growl just that hey! you've won those before and that was my very first pool party! And thanks for the Congrats Dion (hmm -- you didn't congrat me Pinto! Not trying to take your girlfriend dog away just cause I'm paw mailing her! That's a whacko Dogster thing to some of us the husband and wife dog the boyfriend & girlfriend dog! Hey angel dogs are very normal especially in comparison but Carolina Dog Project people woof for me!) You did all the invite type journal entries your family & friend cats & dogs and hope that means more will be at the party and more varied costumes. Too bad they aren't going to have a photographer there! Wouldn't that be a sight to see just bunches of dogs dressed up in Science Fiction garb? Yeah you just think you're procrastinators cause you just don't know how bad are people are! At least these events are causing photos to be added to some of our pages!

Will bark about the party later tonight or tomorrow! Time to go for a nice hunt with the other Carolina Dogs in the pack for now! Don't I look wonderful as the Green Lantern? Costume fit just perfect like it was made just for me!

Will say my thanks later. Time to run & hunt for awhile & be observed and resocialized!
Bye for now! Augie

*** Thanks for my great beach ball to The family of Walker, Alexandria, Molly , Pookah and more! Thanks for the Congrats on being a Daily Diary Pick too!


Daily Diary Pick! Wow! Thanks Dogster powers that Be!

August 7th 2009 1:34 am
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Can't believe it! Just checking in on some groups to read what's going on as nothing much new goes on in the middle of the night and nothing new will be added so good time to catch up especially for insomniacs and what do you know? I'm a Daily Diary Pick! Me! Unbelievable so thanks Dogster for that first blue star too as noticed the other dogs and cats thank for it.

If you have a hard time reading the lovely cursive script of the diary and bio, for the diary it's simple: just hit the read all entries at the bottom and it takes you to a page with normal typing. For the other things you have to copy and paste them onto a clipboard page or notes page or document so that it prints out normal. Don't know how to change the text fonts yet & we're sure that we will screw that one up bad and wanted the dandelions background and unfortunately this lovely script cursive comes with it. One of these days we will get to the Pawsome Pages and other groups that teach you how to do things like change the text print method so that we don't eradicate things or have to go to the our account page and fun things and unload and reload endlessly as happens when you put in the wrong codes which we did at first.

Thanks Dogster! I, Augie, am honored to be a Daily Diary Pick today!
From the Carolina Dog Project, Augie


Cruise & Party & Carolina Dogs!

August 3rd 2009 12:27 am
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Last weekend we went on a cruise to South America and while we enjoyed it too much in family fighting at times not on the Cruise Ship but we were all fighting plus bunches and not just our families were having computer problems and slow downs so we made it to a double wedding and will have to go back & re-read that one and bark about it another day but we missed the most excellent tour given by Bitu the Tortoiseshell cat on South America one of those whirlwind virtual tour type deals but we did read it and we might have to pretend we made it because it was just great. Low turn out apparently due either to Windows updates (Bitu extols the virtues of the Mac computer which might be why she made her own tour this time, not that Windows Vista is all bad) that had to be removed at least on our computer and the computers of others we know and might be due to what theylike to call Dogster fleas meaning that you can load up other websites but every now and then whole days happen when you try to load up Dogster and your computer freezes! Dogster fleas. Might have been both. Doesn't happen often but seems to happen on overload days when a bunch of events are occurring at one time and a great deal of meowing & barking in typing form is going on.

So yesterday now, we went to this great party at Paw It Forward and I'll have to look up the group link to copy and paste if you want to join, not that we party all the time but there are games to play at P*I*F and other things to do places to visit offices and Billie' Bob's Fambly Meeting Place where the party was held and the big year anniversary party is coming up too. Had really wanted to attend one of those great swim parties pool parties that we read about in other doggies' diaries and heard about from friends and finally I got to go to one with select family members. Know why Marc & August Max couldn't attend but don't know where the others were. Our family who attended were Agnes, Babykins, Josey Wales of the angel dogs and me the only earth dog but where were all our angel cats? Mouser was the only angel cat to make it there & he really seemed to have a good time. Two earth cats that share our pages and are related to some of us Arthur & Morgan (Wes to family at times or West) the big orange tabby guys really had a great time and were excited about their new swim suit photos and they really turned out well, and the cats looked great in their shorts and pants as human cats or cat humans cat people and water pics so finally they get their wish and have at least one more pic! Had a great time and of course in virtual world still sneaked back food for the Carolina dogs because we always share our food! Well mainly except for that stray mouse that one of us might gobble up or mole or whatever. We ate and went swimming and the angel dogs had a great time swimming with their wings in the water and flying overhead in circles! The two cats met a couple of lady cats and asked for a dance toward the end so think they have found girlfriends. One found oh Mosaic Leah and goes by Leah and one was Lilly Cat and can't remember her formal name or which cat danced with Arthur and which with Morgan but they were most happy just leaving with winged feet happy that they found some girl cats to dance. Sigh. Hope they're not caving to that Catster / Dogster cat dating dog dating thing but have a feeling.... Leah & Lilly are both lovely Calico cats. Okay, people! You don't expect me Augie to do that doggy dating thing do you? Oh no not as long as I'm with the Carolina Dogs I won't! No! Never! But might ask a lady dog to dance. We'll see about that one.

Anyway the food was great at the party and we got to swim and splash around and splash so it was a good first pool party and hope that we get to go to another before summer is over and that we don't have to wait until next year! Can't remember just what I had only that a dog named Hershey who wasn't there had left something called beer butt chicken that was the real hit of the party, that and the salmon stuffed crab cakes provided by Lexi's husband dog Dino who was our party deejay. Great Beach Boys music for the feel of an old style retro on the beach party going back to another time. The party was actually for a young dog Lil Sassy and will have to look up her page and thank her for the invite and for the good party! Glad that her young friend Gizmo met up with her afterwards as she watched for him the entire party her boyfriend dog.

Well on Project Time so gotta go! From the Carolina Dog Project, one of many, Augie

Paw It Forward (P*I*F) 28

This is an open group if you want to just join, but if you would prefer an invite you can paw mail one of the admins of the group or you can paw mail me a member of the group and just about anyfur would be happy to send you a personal invite if you're interested.

** Thanks for my lovely heart & the sweet message to sweet doggy Dayzee! Really love the heart! ***


Life with the Carolina Dogs

July 21st 2009 5:39 pm
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Still running around with the dog pack and we’re having a better time of it right now meeting up with other packs without fighting and hunting in our separate territory. Still friendly with our observers who feed us part of the time since our group and another as said before our leaving for homes. Will miss the pack yet not and am wondering about adjusting, re-adjusting to life with other dogs in our house. What will it be like not to be able to be outside any time I want, not to be able to hunt at will (and sometimes go hungry when we can’t catch anything or another pack is too close and steals our kill or treats us like we’re hyena scavengers) not to be able to run free, to be confined to a home again and to have to ask to go out even just to pee? Oh yes I can re-adjust and I am getting tired of life with the Carolina Dogs as are some few others who were once domestic house dogs who joined the pack. Sigh. Such a big adjustment.

They’re barking for me my typists of the hidden Carolina Dog project and it’s necessary for their work that they remain hidden this group of men and women not previously known. Don’t know how their findings will be used or by whom but they have no desire to be known to be famous just have the desire to help us out and to help other things like wolves and oh God don’t shoot them! Coyotes! And certain other wild life such as foxes and we have foxes around us and other animals like bobcats. Too much noise and they will be interrupted and by noise I mean things like their names out in the open and their location. My family has lived various places and this is one of those places and the family are not together all in one place right now, but the grown sons with families of their own wouldn’t necessarily be expected to be in the same place. Dad & Mom have both been married before and lost spouses to death and so both have sons grown up from prior marriages. Mom and Dad both married young the first time (Dad is older than Mom) at 16 years old for each and so both had to go back and finish school and go on later for higher education. Both are grandparents although Mom bemoans the fact she is far too young to be a Grandmother but her one of her sons at least married young too. Dad says he is a Great Grandfather at an age many a man is a Grandfather with years to go before adding Great before it. So are we in the Southern United States? Probably. Just leave you guessing. Doesn’t mean that anyone else is in the Southern United States to live or to live permanently, but that could be just could be where I ran away and joined a Carolina Dog pack!!

No one is going to jump out and claim credit for this is one of the things I’m saying because our pack area must remain hidden and unknown and yes, that’s probably who is writing for me most or all of the time and why I don’t make it to groups too often or write journal entries too often because the computers of these people are busy with other things. All for now.


Virtual Cruise to Spain

July 11th 2009 11:33 pm
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So we got to go on a virtual tour of Spain, are still there actually. I was supposed to go alone, but I'm not ready to leave my Carolina dog pack group so I have them with me as stowaways on board the cruise ship! So far they have sneaked into the tour of Madrid and into the Fancy Cafe on board ship where we had a great lunch! I didn't dare take them to the dancing event as line dancing might have been noticed as not my shadow in endless variation and that's what I said the other dogs were, my shadow! Don't know how I will explain it if we go swimming tomorrow and I jump into the pool multiple times! Might be noticed. Hope that I don't get kicked off the ship!
Wishes that the stowaways get to have fun too, Augie ess_cruise_lines-5844
Your Key to Happiness Cruise Lines if you want to join up! It's an open group....


Ice Cream Tag!

July 7th 2009 11:08 pm
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What kind of ice cream am I? Okay, I assume this is by appearance so I would have to say a crushed up heath bar ice cream bar mixed with a caramel coated ice cream bar crushed up and mixed together in a bowl! Is that good enough? What kind of ice cream did I like / do I like? Loads of kinds -- a health food store carob coated Eskimo Pie type bar. McDonald's soft serve ice cream and milkshakes though some of our people couldn't have ice cream mix and couldn't have those but if they had a coupon from a scratch off game, us doggies got the milkshake to share or the soft serve ice cream. Frozen fruit bars or broken off parts sometimes an ice cream variety. Popsicles of any flavor just about it. Jr. ice cream cones from the ice cream shop when available.

Good enough? Tag you August Max.

Augie (St. Augustine and far from a saint!)

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