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I Like it Ruff!

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Pt. Reyes Station, arrroooooo!

October 10th 2007 3:24 pm
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Molly & I went to Annie's Garden Cottage in Pt. Reyes Station, Tomales Bay, Marin County California. Do you know that place? It is fun! There is a big garden and a yard and I got to hop over lots of plants. But um, roses? They have thorns. Ow! Who knew.

We went with Candace and Clara Mae. She is my new BFF. Have you heard about these smaller, more energetic people? You should get one. Seriously. She chased me around and fed me goldfish crackers under the table. She did things that Molly will not do on account of something called 'discipline.' Also these smaller people are better for stretching on, real low to the ground. She could really keep up, that Clara Mae. If she comes over soon I will have to give her a lot of licks, she rules.


Girls' Week

October 3rd 2007 5:20 pm
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Seems like it's just me & Molly this week. We are having a good time! Monday night we went to Polly's and I hung out with Spalding. He is a cool cat! We went tradesies -- he ate half of my dinner and I ate half of his breakfast. Cat food is really good and cats are nice too, I hope we almost-play again soon. I like where he lives, it is huge and I can race around.

Plus I got to see my friend Manju, she lives across the barking lot from Spalding. She is my homegirl, dang! We have so much fun playing -- woooo!! -- it wears me out. I would've slept all the way through but trains passed in the night and I howled at them which was awesome but Molly was not so into it.

In conclusion, four paws up for my trip to Oakland.


I've Got Fish Breath, Yes I Do...

September 28th 2007 2:08 pm
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I've got fish breath, how 'bout you?


P-a-r-k With The B-a-l-l

August 13th 2007 12:57 pm
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Today is Molly's birthday. I guess that means we go to Dolores Park? I love it there! There were lots of people to pet me and I got to run around. One man was taking a nap on the ground but BAM! I ran right over him and he woke up. He thought I was funny. Also I met Marc & Monique who are very nice. I'm still pretending not to like the car because Molly feeds me chicken liver everytime I go in there. I almost blew my cover today when I jumped in the car on my own. Need to remember to freak out a bit first.


I Don't Think I Need Any More Training

July 10th 2007 4:45 pm
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Today we went back to Shamrock Ranch for a training check-in with Lisa. I chilled out once I realized they weren't leaving me at the kennel. I haven't been doing everything perfectly with Molly & Ted, things like "stay" and "down." I am a Chihuahua-terrier mix. Stubborn is how I roll. Turns out I need to practice my new moves even more and that sucks because I hate homework.

They also made me practice stuff IN THE CAR. Geez, that was the worst. I like going places but I hate the car!! Cars stress me out. I don't even like riding on someone's lap. I'd rather walk to all the cool places, like the office or Marin County.


Check Out My New Moves

June 29th 2007 12:24 pm
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I just got back from my two-week vacation at the Shamrock Ranch Kennels. It was pawsome. I learned a bunch of new stuff, like "stay" and "down." The trainer said I am smart! I also got this fancy necklace that jangles, it's supposed to keep me from pulling on the leash. Best part was I got to play with dogs. I was the fastest! Me and my short legs, can you believe it? And then my people came to get me yesterday and man, was I excited. I even found my voice and made some happy sounds. I'm glad to be home with Molly & Ted.



April 16th 2007 7:07 pm
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Today Molly wasn't picking me up and putting me on the couch. So I hopped up there myself. I rule.


I'm Getting On Molly's Nerves Today! Yay!

April 14th 2007 11:51 am
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It's raining outside. I don't like the rain because my feet get wet and then I can't pee. Molly made me stay outside for 30 minutes but like I said, when it rains I don't pour. Finally back inside I played with my lamb bone for a while. Molly won't let me on the couch because she thinks I may pee. She has a point but I think I should get up there anyway. So I keep asking and asking and still no dice. I think I'm wearing her down when she directs me to the kitchen and a peanut-butter stuffed kong. Then she closed the door behind me because whatever peanut butter is good. And I just peed on the floor in here. Life is good.


Moxie's Clubhouse, No Human's Allowed!

March 21st 2007 12:51 pm
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Today my Molly did a little shopping for me. Because I was a naughty dog and peed on the couch she had to get something called Odor Mute to snuff out the stink so I hopefully don't pee there again. Whatever. In more important news, she bought me a new bed! It is pink and I dragged it around the house until I found a good spot for it. But the piece de resistance was the "bone" she gave me. It's made entirely out of salmon skins and it stinks real good. Wow! I took it back to my clubhouse, which is behind the sofa. That's where I take all the good stuff like paper towels and Kleenex. Moxie's clubhouse, no humans allowed!


And they're back!

March 14th 2007 9:26 am
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I'm not sure what the deal is but I'm back home with Molly & Ted. I was a chick magnet for Steven over the weekend and then me and my BFF Ripley had a sleepover, real fun stuff. Now that I'm back home I can show off my new skill: going up the stairs. Molly wants to know how I grew so much in five days. My tummy turned a different, darker color too.

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