I switched to raw diet for my two dogs about 6 weeks ago because of chronic yeasty ears in my dog….horrible ear infections that we could not get sorted. Our vet had her on Science diet prescriptions z/d at a whopping $185 for a big bag and it still didn’t solve the problem, only made it a bit better. So thought I would try raw at the recommendation of the kennel owners and the dog walker/trainer. We’ve seen a huge difference, not only in her ears, but in her coat and energy levels too. And she has a waist for the first time in her life…she was a bit chubby before. Our other dog did well enough on kibble but we have always struggled to keep weight on him…he is prone to being too thin. He is doing great on a raw diet as well. His weight seems a bit more stable. We are mostly using a prepared raw but I’m easing into other things to give them more variety. So far…so good.