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Help a Fellow Dog Lover
Dog Q&A

Hi there, I have this urgent question if you can take time and answer I will be pleased. Anyways my when my female dog got her first heat(idk if its spelled like that) she got out and ran to my sisters which they were playing with our neighbor. Our neighbor has a male dog. He smelled her behind. After that day he kept on waiting on the other side of our fence for a couple of days. One day it was early like 5am my parents heard crying they went out side and saw them both stuck together my dad tried pulling him of (it was the first time that has happened to any of our dogs so we didn't know what to do). My dad scared the dog away. But it turned out she got pregnant and had two puppies Now I heard that a dog gets their heat every two times a year. I forgot to pay close attention when she was on it. So she has dug holes in our back yard and gotten out idk for how long excactly but a couple of times aswell I have seen that the male dog has been outside going ones side to the other on the other side of our fence. So now I think she is pregnant im not sure I see that her sides are getting a bit bigger and her tummy is getting a bit bigger and harder but I have searched some signs on the internet but I havent seen all the symtoms like nipples getting bigger loss of appitite or that she is really tired the only ones are the ones I have said before. I really need some help but I dont have the money to take her to the vet. PLEASE HELP!!! Is she pregnant? And if so how to stop it without vet if possible.

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