Dogs & Cleaning

Keep dog stains and odor off the couch and carpet for good.

Isn't it amazing how the cuddliest creatures on earth can also leave the smelliest messes inside our homes? We're talking old puppy pee stains, liquid messes only an upset canine tummy can cause and pet hair everywhere. We know cleaning up after our pets isn't anyone's favorite thing, and that's where our dogs and cleaning section comes in. We've compiled lists of the best products and home remedies to help arm you in the face of doggie clean-up disasters!

Talk About Dogs & Cleaning

Cleaning Up Pet Vomit Spots

I have the SpotBot by Bissell and I absolutely love it. I don't know what I did without it! I don't use their cleansers for all spots, though. If the stain isn't too bad, I just spray on my Woolite with Oxygen for Pets and put water on it.

Amy S., owner of a Dachshund

Keeping Dog Odors Out of the Vacuum

My advice is this: Before you vacuum, open the cleaner up and spray the bag with a fabric refresher. Or, you can take a small piece of paper towel, wet it with vanilla and put it inside the bag. I put a little cinnamon on the paper towel when it's wet with the vanilla sometimes. Moth flakes or crystals are toxic, so I wouldn't recommend those.

Ed L.