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Dogs Dress Up for New York's Halloween Dog Parade

Delicious ironies include a hot dog, a taco, tea, and red velvet cake.

 |  Oct 26th 2012  |   4 Contributions

Some dogs hate costumes, wriggling out of them within five seconds of the final Velcro stick. Other dogs love costumes, either because they like the sensation of closeness around their bodies (à la a Thundershirt) or because they like the attention and treats they receive when dressed as a bumble bee or a butterfly. Other dogs, however, don't really know what's going on.

We bet all the dogs at the Halloween Dog Parade in Tompkins Square Park in New York last weekend loved walking around in their costumes -- especially since a lot of them were dressed as their favorite thing: food! Of course, there were other dogs dressed as a variety of creatures and entities, but the food costumes are always particularly amusing, because the dogs are hardly aware of the fact that they are wearing, for instance, a hot dog, an item they would be going crazy over if they knew about irony. Or maybe they do, and that's why they play it so deadpan?

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As a precursor to Thanksgiving, this little dog came elaborately dressed as an intricate turkey. He won't be on the dinner table, but we can bet he'll be under it, eagerly awaiting scraps of food.

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Is it tea time?

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Hold the salsa, please!

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No, little doggie, you can't be a cake and eat it, too!

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Also, this happened -- which proves that dogs love us unconditionally:

Photos and story via Village Voice 


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