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My little Chi-pom Lydia is about 15 weeks old and has all of her shots. For the past two days she has been vomiting yell?

yellow bile. I read that this can be because she is hungry, but she doesn't want to eat. She wants to drink, so I put broth in so that she is…

ASKED BY Member 1227628 on 5/29/14
TAGGED vomiting, bile, foodaversion, yellow, bile, avocado, lethargic IN Illness & Disease

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Why is my dog's drool drying yellow?

My dog recently got into some red ants. I got them off of him pretty quickly but I'm pretty sure he got bit on his paws because he won't stop licking…

ASKED BY Member 1188636 on 9/5/13
TAGGED whydoesmydogsdroollookyellow IN Other Health & Wellness

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We have a great selection of Labrador Retriever puppies for sale. There are both male and female puppies waiting for goo?

We have a great selection of Labrador Retriever puppies for sale. There are both male and female puppies waiting for good homes from our reputable…

ASKED BY Member 1177891 on 7/1/13
TAGGED yellowlabradorretrieverpuppiesforadoption IN Other Adoption & Rescue

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Is there a natual inexpensive way to keep the grass from turning yellow after my dog urinates?

I worry about giving her those tablets with chemicals just so my grass looks nice but right now my yard is a yellow disaster.

ASKED BY Member 1147982 on 1/3/13
TAGGED grass, yellow, urine IN Dogs and a Clean Home


My dog has yellow diarrhea? Should I be worried?

My little Sheltie threw up and had diarrhea last Thursday, kept an eye on her for a day and she didn't throw up again but continued to have yellow…

ASKED BY Zooey on 7/18/12
TAGGED diarrhea, poop, feces, yellow, sick, undigested, food IN Health & Wellness

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What would be moderate exercise for an epileptic yellow lab?

We have a 6 year old pure breed yellow lab that has epilepsy, the vet and all the information I can find says moderate exercise is best. What is…

ASKED BY Member 600250 on 3/27/12
TAGGED yellowlabradorlabepilepsyexercise IN Exercise

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Why does my Yellow lab always sit, lay down, or sleep with his back legs crossed?

My dog is a Yellow Labrador Retriever That I rescued at an animal Shelter on April 23, 2011. His name is Cooper and I love him to death!! :)

ASKED BY Member 1031835 on 4/25/11
TAGGED limpinglegsyellowlabs IN Other Behavior & Training


How to leash train a Labrador Puppy?

I'm Barney and I love pulling on a leash, I pull my owners into people's yards and on their porches. I'm a hard one to control. My owners need…

ASKED BY Barney on 11/26/10
TAGGED leash, training, labradors, yellow, dogs, puppy IN Leash Walking

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