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3month constipated had white gel in his stool having a feeding and watering with the syringe very lethargic?

Beengiving him in the mud and applesauce and Pedialyte For his constipation is there anything else I should do? he has an appointment tomorrow at…

ASKED BY Member 1244244 1 day, 22 hours ago
TAGGED amoxicillin, pedialyteandapplesauce IN Medications

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I have a 2 year old male Labrador retriever and I am planning to adopt a male golden retriever puppy will they get along?

Male Labrador 2 years old and a male golden retriever puppy will they get along? My 2 year old is very friendly with dogs and very playful. Will…

ASKED BY Member 1244065 6 days, 1 hour ago
TAGGED puppy, samesex, adoption IN Puppies

Stella Mae

Adopted Doggy who I can't seem to contain in any form without high anxiety when I leave for work?

I just adopted Stella and she is a year and a half and is having high anxiety issues. When its nice out, I can easily leave her in the backyard and…

ASKED BY Stella Mae 1 week ago
TAGGED kenneltraining, separationanxiety, whining, barking, containment IN Separation Anxiety

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Severe anxiety problem?

Hi I have a lab retriever mix he just turned 2 last week. He suffers from a major separation anxiety disorder and it's getting much worse as the…

ASKED BY Member 1243985 1 week ago
TAGGED separation, anxiety, crate, barking, actingout IN Behavior & Training


What's a good harness for a determined dog?

The quick version is that Asta can remove a harness with one bite. It looks like the strap was cut by a knife the tear is so clean. We only put the…

ASKED BY Asta 2 weeks, 1 day ago
TAGGED leash, harness, fence, escape, strongteeth, outdoor, exercise IN Other Behavior & Training


Is this dog a mix? SHe is supposed to be a giant schnauzer ?

2 months and 11 days old female. Rescue dog, suffered emotional and physical abuse.

ASKED BY Willow 2 weeks, 4 days ago
TAGGED rescue, giant, schnauzer, mix IN Other Puppies

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Is this dog a mix? It is from a rescue claiming that shes a Giant Schnauzer ?

2 months and 11 days old. She suffered emotional and physical abuse before the rescue family took over.

ASKED BY Member 1243486 2 weeks, 4 days ago
TAGGED breeds, puppies, mix, giant, schnauzer, rescue, breeder, emotional, abuse IN Other Puppies

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How do you handle aggression when you bring a new dog into the home?

I have 3 rescues. Two German Shepherds and a new little terrier looking thing. When alone, the terrier is obedient, sweet, and playful. The…

ASKED BY Member 1242939 on 2/25/15
TAGGED dogaggression, napoleoncomplex IN Adoption & Rescue

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