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Crate Training issue or Separation Anxiety? Rescue Dachshund--help?

I just adopted a 3.5 year-old purebred tweenie dachshund who became highly attached to me immediately (follows me everywhere). The foster family said…

ASKED BY Member 1247227 3 days, 9 hours ago
TAGGED cratetraining, peeandpoopincrate, separationanxiety IN Behavior & Training

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Dog too stressed to go outside?

I have a 5yo mini dach and I love her to death, had her since she was a puppy but at my parents house. They had a big backyard with little traffic…

ASKED BY Member 1247148 5 days, 2 hours ago
TAGGED anxiety, behavior, barking, elimination, outsidenoises, minidachshund, dachshund IN Fears & Phobias

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7 month old lab is very submissive, can anyone help me help her be more confident?

My 7 month old lab is very submissive when it comes to meeting new people and dogs. I wouldn't say she's shy because when ever we are on walks she…

ASKED BY Member 1246822 1 week, 4 days ago
TAGGED anxiety, puppy, socialization, friendly, lab, labretriever, happy IN Socialization

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Neighbour complaining that 3 yr old poodle x shih tzu barks overnight.Parents thinking of muzzle and fence. Suggestions?

My 3 yr old poodle x shih tzu lives outside the house in a kennel under shelter. This is because my parents don't like him urinating and soiling the…

ASKED BY Member 1246391 3 weeks ago
TAGGED barking, complaints, poodlexshihtzu, outdoors IN Barking

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How do I introduce a anxious hyperactive dog to a calm kitten?

My beagle mix is 9 years old. We recently moved into an apartment. He's always been in houses. He was nervous at first with all the noises but now…

ASKED BY Member 1246223 3 weeks, 3 days ago
TAGGED kitten, behavior, whining, anxious, anxiety, introduce IN Other Behavior & Training

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Roxie momma here, trying to figure out what kind of breed she is?

We got this precious girl from somebody that said her mom was a beagle and her dad was an american staffordshire terrier... However, I went into Petco…

ASKED BY Member 1246098 3 weeks, 6 days ago
TAGGED rhodeisanridgebackamericanstaffordshirebeaglemixmutt IN Breeds

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After the dog park, my dog now wants to pull at every passing dog on walks?

So I've taken over caring for my mother's 13 year old dog for about 6months now, and found out she never walks him or takes him to the dog park…

ASKED BY Member 1245296 on 4/16/15
TAGGED pulling, walking, otherdogs, exciteddogs, dogpark IN Leash Walking

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What are alternate ways to stop my 10 month-old pitbull mix from biting myself and others?

I have tried all of the following: standing up, folding my arms & turning my head (ignoring the behavior)--he'll continue to jump up on me and bite…

ASKED BY Member 1244649 on 4/3/15
TAGGED bitingplayingseparationanxietyauthority IN Behavior & Training

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