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Australian Shepherd Tail Docking gone wrong?

About three weeks ago, I picked up an Australian shepherd puppy from a breeder. She is almost ten weeks now. Now, I have noticed something strange…

ASKED BY Lily on 2/5/13
TAGGED taildockingaustralianshepherdpuppygonewrong IN Puppies

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Yorkie being picked up by scruff in trying in discipline. Wrong?

Son inlaw picks up his yorkie out of frustration after he poops/pees in house.Dog tries to bite entire time. Because it is hurting him,right? Has…

ASKED BY Member 1129031 on 9/3/12
TAGGED rightwrongwaytopickupanddisciplinedog IN House Soiling


It won't let me make a group?

I'm trying to make a Group, but it keeps saying this. "Woof! In order to create a new group we'll need the following values to proceed." Am I not…

ASKED BY Delilah on 9/12/11
TAGGED groups, help, wont, work, wrong, urgent IN Groups

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My bichon has thick ears at the ends, is this normal?

My "Angel" bichon age nearly 9 months old, has thickened ears at the ends, like padding or a build up of fur? Is there something wrong or is this…

ASKED BY Member 1011371 on 11/10/10
TAGGED grooming, matted, fur, pads, health, normal, wrong IN Other Health & Wellness

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My 6 yr.old shelter cocker was successfully treated for heartworms in May. I just gave Interceptor. Is that safe?

I gave Interceptor earlier, then remembered that the treating vet said to give Heartgard. Please, please tell me if I have hurt my sweet, loving…

ASKED BY Member 992351 on 6/13/10
TAGGED medication, afterheartworms, correctorwronggiven IN Health & Wellness

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Why my dog that hasn't been feeding her pups is still getting real skinny, always hungry, & vomiting?

I have a 2 and a half year old American Staffordshire Terrier who had puppies 5 weeks ago. For the past three weeks she hasn't hardly fed them. I do…

ASKED BY Member 941033 on 1/25/10
TAGGED dogactingsickaftergivingbirth, whatcouldgowrongafteradoghavingpups IN Health & Wellness

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I have read alot about dogs and feet; and have seen alot about FOXTail? Can someone tell me what that is?

In the area I live we had alot of rain lateley. I took my dog for his walk a few days ago after one of our rain, and my dog loves to walk in the…

ASKED BY Member 927907 on 12/6/09
TAGGED whatiswrongwithhisfoot IN Other Health & Wellness

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