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My girlfriends Alaskan Malamute loved me all of sudden, very wary & growling etc. any help?

He's nearly 2 years old, took a while to get used to me but then seemed to love me. Wouldnt leave me alone always wanted to play give me his paw…

ASKED BY Member 1239038 on 12/14/14
TAGGED alaskanmalamute, attitude, aggression, scared, fear, worry, trust IN Behavior & Training

Pablo Buster

Fixed a week and can't potty?

Pablo Buster (16 month old Chi) got neutered last week (8 days now I guess) and he seems to not be able to go potty. He will tell me he has to go…

ASKED BY Pablo Buster on 10/21/11
TAGGED chihuahua, neuter, pottty, notableto, fixed, vet, worry IN Spaying & Neutering

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HELP please??!! What should I do and how much do you think the vet will cost? What should I do if it did have worms for a long time already?

There has been this stray dog around my house for sometime now and I took it to live with me. It's been several days since she lived with me. But I do…

ASKED BY Member 1006390 on 10/2/10
TAGGED worms, dog, long, time, hairloss, rice, looking, year, worry, vet, cost, old, very, confused, whiteworms IN Health & Wellness

 Lucy T.

My Beagle/Basset chews and eats her toys...? Please Help?

My Beagle/Basset loves to chew anything really and if we don't stop her, tear the toy apart and try to eat it it seems like. I don't know what kind of…

ASKED BY Lucy T. on 12/6/09
TAGGED chew, toys, strong, digestive, beagle, basset, choke, weak, worry, puppy, play IN Other Health & Wellness

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My dog growls at us when we try and put his eye ointment on. We have only had him a week, should we be concerned about h?

We adopted a dog just over a week ago, from a shelter a 2 yr old cairn terrier mix. He is very friendly and loves to have his belly rubbed. He also…

ASKED BY Member 841725 on 6/10/09
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Beach tips?

Mom is taking my sister and I to the beach. We are going to the North Carolina's Outer Banks. Mom has never been to the beach and she is worried…

ASKED BY Ruckus on 3/29/09
TAGGED shelties, beach, tips, worry IN Travel & Recreation


What can I do if my dog won't eat her food?

Moxie used to love her food. Now she only nibbles it. Eventually she'll eat most of it, but she really avoid it until she must be quite hungry. Should…

ASKED BY Sparky on 9/18/07
TAGGED dog, food, eat, worry IN Food & Nutrition