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I have a 12 week old chihuahua and she was running around, chasing me and she hit a chair, and may be injured. Help?

I have a 12 week old chihuahua and she was running around, chasing me and she hit something(hopefully not her head but most likely) on the back of a…

ASKED BY Member 1192999 on 10/5/13
TAGGED hurt, worried, about, chihuahua, maybe, injured IN Behavior & Training


My dogs black nose has started turning pink, is there something wrong?

My dog is an Alaskan malamute and over the last week the tip of his nose has started turning pink. I know of winter nose but were in the middle of…

ASKED BY Titan on 8/19/13
TAGGED pink, nose, colour, changing, worried IN Other Health & Wellness

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Dog wets himself when he thinks I'm telling him off - when I'm not…

Full story: I have two pomerianans. I've had the eldest since he was 6months old and he is now 2years 5months old. He's very well behaved and…

ASKED BY Member 1145567 on 12/17/12
TAGGED dog, puppy, shout, wee, piss, scared, worried, aggressive, pup, pomeranian, toldoff, pom, doggy, wethimself, wet IN Dogs and a Clean Home

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My pregnant chihuahua has been moaning and like going to the bathroom so much!and like we dont know if she is in labor?

We have been by her side but we just dont know what to do! we are very desperate for information!!

ASKED BY Member 1127452 on 8/25/12
TAGGED pregnant, dog, chihuahua, bleeding, worried, bathroom, barking, moaning, howling, painful IN Health & Wellness


When is it ok to leave my dog home alone after spay surgery?

Our vet said to see how she does. Here's how it has gone so far: She was spayed yesterday and slept through the early evening. She woke up and…

ASKED BY Bella on 3/24/12
TAGGED spay, worried, homealone IN Spaying & Neutering

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Why is he scared of the kitchen?

My year old Lab is really well behaved, loveable, very affectionate and does as he told all the time. For reasons unknown, for the past month he has…

ASKED BY Member 1065117 on 10/21/11
TAGGED kitchen, scared, lab, cheese, treats, bodylanguage, pinnedback, timid, safeplace, worried, lost, encourage, floor, fear IN Fears & Phobias

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Some extra groth b/w the legs of my 6 mnths gsd dog :( is it nrml ..doc said we have to remove it n is it ok?

he is gsd 6 mnhts old so there is the extra growth just like corn ..b/w his legs on right side..doc said it has to be removed…

ASKED BY Member 1056611 on 9/17/11
TAGGED gsdworried IN Illness & Disease

Nala Marie

Wondering if anyone can tell me whether or not this spay insicion looks ok (need to know how to share a picture of it!)?

Please advise as I am one worried mama! I am new to this site and unsure of how to share a photo of the insicion. Thank you in advance for your…

ASKED BY Nala Marie on 5/10/11
TAGGED spay, worried, insicion IN Spaying & Neutering

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