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After seeing some fireworks, my dog has become scared of going for walks, which he used to love. Help?

I took my dog out for a walk late on the 4th of July. As soon as we stepped out of the front door of our building, some neighbors set of a volley of…

ASKED BY Member 1127646 on 8/26/12
TAGGED fireworks, anxiety, fear, walking IN Fears & Phobias

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Can you provide me with a list for dog breeds suitable for service dog work?

All my ducks are in a row as far as paperwork goes and now the time has come to choose a dog to train (training my own PSD, have lots of experience…

ASKED BY Member 1124393 on 8/13/12
TAGGED servicedogbreeds, breeds, dogs, servicework IN Breeds

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How do you help a dog who is rather neurotic when it comes to fireworks?

She is a 7yr yorkie rescue and about 8-10 lbs. overweight. at the present time I am unable to get to a vet. I have found a small space where I tell…

ASKED BY Member 1119298 on 7/6/12
TAGGED anxiety, neurotic, fireworks, thunder IN Behavior & Training

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What does your puppy do while you are at work?

My husband and I both work away from home and just brought our 8 week old puppy home to our APARTMENT (no less). What is the best thing to do for…

ASKED BY Member 1113360 on 5/30/12
TAGGED housebreaking, work, allday IN Housebreaking

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My husband wants a baby. I want a yorkie. He works various shifts and I'm a school teacher. Can we have a yorkie?

Newly married couple Husband wants a baby Wife wants a yorkie Both work long hours as a manufacturer and school teacher Is it okay to leave a…

ASKED BY Member 1101945 on 3/24/12
TAGGED workaholicwantsyorkie IN Bringing Your Pet Home

Balto  -  Semi-Retired SD

How to remove a forum topic posted by someone else almost 1 year ago off of one of your dog's profile pages?

I posted in an "ONqSiberians" forum almost a year ago and the link to it, permenently showed up on my semi-retired service dog's profile page under…

ASKED BY Balto - Semi-Retired SD on 3/9/12
TAGGED onqsiberiansbreedsandtrainshuskiesforservicedogworkandtheytalkedaboutsomeoneintheusagettingaservicedogfromthem IN Bringing Your Pet Home


It won't let me make a group?

I'm trying to make a Group, but it keeps saying this. "Woof! In order to create a new group we'll need the following values to proceed." Am I not…

ASKED BY Delilah on 9/12/11
TAGGED groups, help, wont, work, wrong, urgent IN Groups

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