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How to upload pictures from a windows phone?

No action at all , doesn't even say error

ASKED BY Member 1218369 3 weeks, 3 days ago
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Anxiety aggression don't know what to do?

When my dog gets introuble he will run to his crate or a corner and when you try to get him to come he won't if you stick your hand out to grab his…

ASKED BY Member 1189662 on 9/12/13
TAGGED bite, trouble, wont, listen IN Behavior & Training

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I NEED HELP!!!I just got another dog A 7yr old shih Tzu and she wont stop peeing in the house!! Ive tried EVERYTHING?

I got ahold of her old vet and they said she wasn't seen in about 3yrs so I immediately took her in. Everything came back fine and she got all her…

ASKED BY Member 1189084 on 9/8/13
TAGGED dogwontstoppeeinginthehouse IN Behavior & Training

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I found a treeing walker coonhound, and can't keep him. Please tell me where I can take him so he will be safe. I've tr?

The treeing walker coonhound I found is very sweet and loveable. He constantly wants to be by me. I have tried for 4 weeks to find his owner, with…

ASKED BY Member 1157438 on 2/28/13
TAGGED findhome, safe, wontbeuthenized IN Adoption & Rescue

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