Could Merrick be making my dog sick? How do I know if its been recalled or changed?

I have a 2 year old Shichon (shihtzu/bichon). She's been eating merrick for about a year or so. She's never had any problems with it. Until last month…

ASKED BY Stella on 8/10/13
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Why is my dog not eating or drinking and acting very weird?

Started yesterday, my 8 month old chihuahua wont eat or drink a single thing. He has thrown up a couple times that i have seen and it is white foam…

ASKED BY Member 983961 on 4/27/10
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What would cause my boxer to stagger and have white gums, almost fainting?

Today after running around with our other dog, our 3 year old boxer female came over to us. This is normal, but then she started to stagger and almost…

ASKED BY Member 387806 on 7/26/09
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