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My dog came inside with swelling beneath the right eye?

My 10 year old chihuahua has always had allergies/puffy eyes but he came inside from going potty with a huge amount of swelling beneath one eye. The…

ASKED BY Member 1224989 on 5/5/14
TAGGED chihuahua, eye, swelling, allergies, sudden IN Allergies

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Can I move my dog from what he knows?

I have a 4yr old Golden Doodle. He has lived with me at my parents, with his siblings, for all but three months of this time. Where he lived with me…

ASKED BY Member 1222372 on 4/14/14
TAGGED adjusting, moving, wellbeing, behavior IN Other Behavior & Training


Our Great Dane has had swelling on one side of his face three times in less than two years? Anyone ever experience this?

Almost two years ago I noticed that our Great Dane had swelling on one half of his head and his eye was swollen shut. The vet said that most likely he…

ASKED BY Tiger on 3/18/14
TAGGED greatdane, dane, sick, lump, swelling, puss IN Health & Wellness

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My dog just threw up. Suggestions?

She hasn't eaten since about 8am and it's 5:30pm now. She's gone to the bathroom already today, so I'm not sure if she ate something she wasn't…

ASKED BY Member 1196288 on 10/26/13
TAGGED food, throwup, health, wellness, puppy, help IN Illness & Disease


My dog has a swollen lip on the right lower side?

I don't know what happened. I can't take him to the vet and just want to know how to get the swelling down. I'm really worried about him!

ASKED BY Pal on 9/17/13
TAGGED swelling, swollenlip, help, health IN Other Health & Wellness

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8 Month Old Akita has missing front teeth. Hard time eating?

I'm fostering an 8 month old akita male. (Not my first akita foster) I noticed when I picked him up, that his bottom, front teeth are completely gone…

ASKED BY Member 1179842 on 7/11/13
TAGGED food, wellness, happy, puppy, months, akita, play, toys, teeth, missingteeth, dental, surgery, help IN Health & Wellness


Puppy on Wellness with soft stool. Is it the food or allergy?

Our 4 month old puppy has solid stool when she first starts going to the bathroom, then it get's very soft and thin, almost diarrhea. She is on…

ASKED BY Mabel on 6/10/13
TAGGED wellness, wellnesssupermix, wellnesscore, diamond, puppy, stool, allergy, food IN Food & Nutrition

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