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Why does my 8 week old Shih poo keep digging on my lap?

He's such a fun, loving, energetic playful pup just like most, he loves snuggling into me and having cuddles, but when he's on my lap, he digs (to put…

ASKED BY Member 1236694 on 11/2/14
TAGGED digging, puppy, weeks, shihpoo IN Behavior & Training

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I got a St Bernard which weights 6.613 at 7 weeks, is that ok ?

ASKED BY Member 1212847 on 2/24/14
TAGGED stbernardatweeks, stbernardweight IN Puppies

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I have a three week old pitbull puppy, how should I care for it? (Please read! I'm not an irresponsible owner!)?

A man gave the puppy to me saying that the mother died and he couldn't take care of it. I agreed to keep the puppy, already having a dog of my own. Of…

ASKED BY Member 1147340 on 12/30/12
TAGGED puppy, care, pitbull, threeweeks IN Puppies

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My vet scheduled my puppys 2nd round of shots a week or two late. Now they want to start all over? Is that safe?

My GSD puppy got his first round of vaccines at 6 weeks. My new vet scheduled him for his second round 2 days short of a full 5 weeks later. Then upon…

ASKED BY Member 1141930 on 11/23/12
TAGGED shots, startover, money, weeks, weeks, mothers, antibodies IN Vaccinations

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