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Someone asked if Dogster was closing?

Lori the community manager e-mailed me promptly stating, "Pawlease do what you can to squash this rumor." Therefore, Dogster is not closing it's…

ASKED BY Member 1110659 on 5/3/13
TAGGED dogster, closing, website IN The Dogster Website


I have a white/pink lump on my paw. Could it be an infection..or cancer?

I have a big white bump between my toes on my left paw. It is in the webbing. It is a little pink in places. It doesn't both me ever, except when my…

ASKED BY Barney on 12/20/12
TAGGED paw, lump, bump, infection, nail, webbing, white IN Skin Problems

 Sally (dead)

Why don't they have Birdster or GuineaPigster, or Kinkajouster? People have other pets?

I mean, people have other pets than dogs and cats. You know, I am an owner of seven cats, and a baby foster kinkajou. Why don't they have websites…

ASKED BY Sally (dead) on 9/4/12
TAGGED new, websites, website, animals, other IN General


Whats the best website to get dog clothes from that wont break my budget?

I want to get some clothes for my 3 year old chihuahua. shes under 10pounds and its very cold outside. Is there a good website that sells nice apparel…

ASKED BY Chi-Chi on 1/3/12
TAGGED dog, dogs, clothes, clothing, apparel, cheap, nice, pretty, web, site, website, online IN Apparel

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I am looking for a PitBull or American Bulldog rescue in Georgia. Anyone have an organizations or websites?

I am planning on getting another Pit Bull or an American Bulldog. I have a Pit Bull mix at the moment and I have had an American Bulldog in the past…

ASKED BY Member 1004976 on 11/7/11
TAGGED pitbulls, bulldogs, rescues, websites, organizations, new, pet, playmate IN Shelters & Rescue

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