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I have a 4 yr old Lab named Dumbo he is having some hair loss on his back end (sides, clumps) he also has very bad breat?

we used hartz flea spray and shampoo on his a couple of weeks ago he didn't have any issues until now not sure if its the hartz or not

ASKED BY Member 1143641 on 12/4/12
TAGGED hairloss, weakness, badbreathe, hartz IN Illness & Disease

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My 14 year old Siberian Husky can't seem to stand suddenly. His right eye is constantly rolling up and down, twitching?

His legs appears to be weak, more so the left side. He can hobble for a few steps, shaking, and then just collapses. Usually, he has no problem…

ASKED BY Member 1047290 on 8/21/11
TAGGED weakness, collapsing, eyejerking, headtilting IN Senior Pet

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What is wrong with my dog?

I have a Jack Russel Terrier and he had recently been bloated. I know that for a fact, but when he was flushed out with a tube through the mouth we…

ASKED BY Member 1035217 on 5/28/11
TAGGED dogbloatingjackrusselterrierpaintremorsweaknesshindlegshakingverysensitivetotouch IN Other Health & Wellness


Sick 7 wk old pup- dehydration, worms, weakness?

I need serious, fast help guys- 7 year old puppy, has worms, belly very bloated, very dehydrated, weak, still eats, gums pale, hard time standing…

ASKED BY Chevy on 11/9/08
TAGGED wormsroundwormspuppydehydrationweaknesshelpemergency IN Emergencies & First Aid