My dog is vomiting yellow liquid ,he is kinda weak but can still walk and wiggle his tail, but he doesn't eat anything?

My other puppy just died. it happened so quickly, she was so weak that its hard for her to stand up and she have black stool. i think my other puppy…

ASKED BY Gretel on 6/25/11
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CrystalWater's Petey ( Petey )

M 6 yr old Yorkie( adopted 3 mths)eats like a tornado & drinks water like he's dieing of thirst, vomiting often after.…

My little guy seems to be starving all the time and he eats his dinner so fast everynite, he sometimes eats so fast he vomits and then tries to eat…

ASKED BY CrystalWater's Petey ( Petey ) on 4/2/09
TAGGED hungry, thirsty, vomits IN Diabetes