Off white/beige carpet and urine stains?

I have a carpet shampooer, and the carpet is still stained. I've tried that, vinegar, woolite shampoo, and H202 blotted on the spots to get rid of the…

ASKED BY Banshee on 2/11/13
TAGGED carpet, urine, stains IN Dogs and a Clean Home

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My dog has unexpected behavior with my 2 year old daughter. I need help?

My dog is 2 years old. I got her when I was 6 months pregnant with my daughter. She has been great with her up until a month or so ago. She has…

ASKED BY Member 1151521 on 1/23/13
TAGGED behavior, toddlers, urine, growling IN Behavior & Training

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I can't seem to get my neutered dog to stop marking in our house! He's 4yrs old, and we have to keep him crated. Help?

We've had him for 3 years now and just recently this has started. No new changes in environment so I have no idea why he is doing this. We have to…

ASKED BY Member 1146410 on 1/16/13
TAGGED training, urine, home IN Behavior & Training

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Is there a natual inexpensive way to keep the grass from turning yellow after my dog urinates?

I worry about giving her those tablets with chemicals just so my grass looks nice but right now my yard is a yellow disaster.

ASKED BY Member 1147982 on 1/3/13
TAGGED grass, yellow, urine IN Dogs and a Clean Home

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My puppy has a bit of blood in his stool, and it's really soft. What's wrong?

He is a four month old beagle basset mix. He has a UTI right now. I took him to the vet for it on Thursday, and she put him on an antibiotic and…

ASKED BY Member 1124031 on 8/4/12
TAGGED softstool, uti, bloodinurine IN Health & Wellness

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Why has my 6 yr old housetrained dog started peeing on the floor?

My Keeshond has had a few accidents over the years, but they were always when he'd been ill or hadn't had enough outside time. The past couple of…

ASKED BY Member 284903 on 7/16/12
TAGGED behavior, pee, urine, elimination, training, food IN House Soiling

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Female pittbull after running about is brown colored?

Litty a blue pittbull had alot of exersize monday afternoon on tuesday morning her urine was brown in color could it be blood in her urine?

ASKED BY Member 1117649 on 6/26/12
TAGGED discoloredurine IN Health & Wellness

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My dog can't stop peeing, why could this be?

He is peeing small amounts every few minutes. He is just dribbling all over the place. Is this an emergency?

ASKED BY Member 1114444 on 6/6/12
TAGGED pee, urine IN Other Health & Wellness

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