Pup bathrooming in the house...it i for attention?

Hi Guys! I recently adopted an 11 month old rat terrier/lab mix from the shelter. Not much is known of his history as the shelter got him at age 9…

ASKED BY Apollo on 2/28/15
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My dog wets on my grandkids toys?

When I come home from taking the young grand kids home my older dauchshund will have wet on a toy if I leave one out or wet in the area they have been…

ASKED BY Member 1229500 on 7/12/14
TAGGED dauchshund, urinate, kidstoys IN Behavior & Training

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Hi everyone! I've been having terrible problems with my year and a half old german Shepard Akita mix (we think)?

Ever since she's started to age she has become more and more hyper active... I mean, giving hyper a new meaning! I can't invite her to lay on my lap…

ASKED BY Member 1139129 on 11/5/12
TAGGED urinate, hyper, shy, walking, leash IN Fears & Phobias


Our 10yr old pit bull hurt his leg, now we want him to use pee pads and/or the "potty patch" but he refuses to use it?

We live on the 2nd story and he cannot go down the stairs because of his hurt leg. We were carrying him(All 60 lbs of him)down the stairs but two…

ASKED BY Romeo on 6/23/11
TAGGED potty, patch, inside, training, urinate, house IN House Soiling

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2year old german shepherd cowers and urinates when my husband puts his lead on?

Major our 2yr old german shepherd is one of the family never been illtreated. My husband is getting upset when Major cowers why should he do this when…

ASKED BY Member 1036255 on 6/5/11
TAGGED germanshepherd, cowers, urinates, leash IN Behavior & Training

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I have a 9 yr old mini schnauzer and he is urinating all over my house?

I have used the "Woodhouse way" with my past 4 dogs and never had a problem like this before, but with this dog I have had limited success for…

ASKED BY Member 993391 on 6/20/10
TAGGED howtotrainadognottourinateinthehouse, howtobreakabadhabitbyanolderdog IN House Soiling

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Dog pees only when going into or coming out of crate, not while I am out, please help?

My dog is 5 months and is crated at night and while I work (five hours a day). He does not ever pee in his crate during either of these times, and I…

ASKED BY Member 976074 on 4/19/10
TAGGED pee, crate, urinate, submissive, floor, house, train, training, housetraining, help IN Behavior & Training

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