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Three year old female sheltie with incontinence and behavioral issues. We need advice on fixing these habits?

Not sure what to do with our 3 year old female sheltie with urinary issues. Our dog has had what seems like incontinence issues since she was a…

ASKED BY Member 1157974 on 3/4/13
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My swiss shepherd bitch of 8mnth has NOT been spayed. she urinates while sleeping. can this be Urinary incontinence?

i did research on Urinary incontinence & understood that this only happens with spayed bitches. she is only 8months old and NOT spayed. she's had this…

ASKED BY Member 1107725 on 4/26/12
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Urinary Incontinence?

I have a small spayed female poodle, who will be 13 years in June of this year, with a huge problem. Since last week she has been urinating every…

ASKED BY Millie ~In Loving Memory~ on 1/1/09
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