Can someone please provide me with strict, effective, safe, and fun training regimen to help me accomplish my goals?

My name is Pilot and I am a 3.5 month old Siberian Husky that came home with my Daddy about a week ago. He is fully committed to spending several…

ASKED BY Pilot on 1/10/14
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What are some fun easy tricks to teach my pitbull pup ?

He knows sit shake stay lay down roll over both ways and jump over a stick he seems to enjoy our trick time so I'd like to continue his training by…

ASKED BY Jax on 6/4/13
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Any good trick ideas? I don't mean simple ones, really cool ones. Harper can perform 60+ tricks, from jump rope-reading?

Harper is a terrier. She can also fetch me a tissue and so many more. Would you have any ideas? I would love if it has never been done, but been…

ASKED BY Member 1124639 on 9/16/12
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What are some good doggy tricks?

My momie need to know what else to do wif me for tricks!! I love spending time wif her but we are running out of things to do!! I know sit, lie…

ASKED BY Mya on 4/24/12
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Teach an older (4 y.o.) tricks HELP PLEASE?

My bichon frise isn't the most smart or obedient dog. We didn't take too much notice in teaching her basic commands when she was smaller. She is not…

ASKED BY Holly on 4/14/12
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Teach My dog to sit?

My six month old dog, Chibi, is now learning a few tricks. Yeah, i know it's a bit late but she's very hyper! She's great!She can easily learn…

ASKED BY Chibi on 2/2/11
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Tryin to think of new tricks to teach my dog. He's VERY smart and knows alot?

My dog is a one year old pointer lab mix. I've been trying to think of new tricks to teach him. Please leave how to do the trick with the…

ASKED BY Sig on 4/9/10
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