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I need advice/help with my 2.5 year old Akita?

My dog is my world. He's an almost 3 year old Akita and he's huge, weighing 155 lbs but totally fit and healthy. Anyways, I was a dog trainer for…

ASKED BY Member 1246088 2 days, 18 hours ago
TAGGED akita, children, biting, aggression, behavior, training, rehome, help IN Behavior & Training

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Please help me with my dog's behaviour!! Thanks?

Hi, I have a problem regarding my dog's behaviour. I have 4 medium sized yorkshire Terriers. They all get along without a problem. I am only worried…

ASKED BY Member 1246065 3 days, 9 hours ago
TAGGED behaviour, training, dog, yorkshire, samoyed IN Behavior & Training

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Service Dog Question: Alerts?

Okay. I have a Medical alert/Psychiatric Service Dog named Toretto who is an American Bulldog. He is 75 lbs of muscle and love. He alerts me to…

ASKED BY Member 1245838 1 week, 1 day ago
TAGGED servicedog, service, dog, training, alerts, ptsd, sd, psd, medicalalert, psychiatric, medical, alert, fainting, migraines, flashbacks, help IN Behavior & Training

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Seriously, how do I get my dog to catch like this??

See the link, it's pretty cool.

ASKED BY Member 1245608 1 week, 5 days ago
TAGGED dogtraining, dogsports, germanshepherd, puppy, beach IN Agility & Sports

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Deaf pit house training?

I just adopted a now 14 week old deaf pit, He is very well behaved, except he hasn't figured out how to let me know when he needs to go out. what i…

ASKED BY Member 1244528 on 3/31/15
TAGGED deaf, puppy, housetraining IN Behavior & Training

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Existing dog red zone barking at new service dog, need help! Cannot get rid of any dog?

I just brought home a 2 y/o yellow lab service dog named Jude. At home, my parents & I have a 10 y/o female Westie, who is calm, and both dogs get…

ASKED BY Member 1244171 on 3/23/15
TAGGED aggression, barking, redzone, servicedog, training, help IN Methods of Training

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