My two-month-old Golden/Poodle mix Charlotte doesn't listen to my commands unless I give her a treat. How can I resolve?

My "Goldendoodle" Charlotte only listens to my commands and performs tricks if I hand out a treat afterwards and/or have the treat in visible sight…

ASKED BY Charlotte on 7/13/15
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My 2-month-old Golden/Poodle mix only listens when I give her treats. What do I do?

My Golden Retriever/Poodle mix is well trained at "Come", "Sit", and "Stay", and I'm working on "Down". But the problem is the only way she'll…

ASKED BY Charlotte on 7/12/15
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Poodle/Berner mix pup randomly bites, lunges, growls. Why?

He is a great pup most the time, passed puppy kindergarden, but he has these random fits where he lunges and growls and bites. It has only happens…

ASKED BY Tuck on 7/10/15
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6 month old bernedoodle randomly lunges, snarls, and bites me, rips my clothes while on walks. Why?! How do I stop it?

He is a great pup most of the time, passed puppy kindergarten, but he has these fits where he lunges, growls and bites. It has only happened with…

ASKED BY Member 1249108 on 7/9/15
TAGGED lunging, biting, bites, lunges, snarls, growls, random, puppy, bernedoodle, refusestowalk, pancakes, aggression, walks, walk, ripsclothes, behavior, training, help IN Behavior & Training

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Problem with house training?

We have a 2 year old basset hound. Beautiful dog but he is from a very irresponsible breeder (we did not know until after we had picked him up). We…

ASKED BY Member 1249092 on 7/8/15
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Any advice for an owner whose pup likes to lay in his pee?

20 week old Newf.He is taken out regularly (sometimes 2-3x times an hour even). He will get taken out and pees (gets praised of course) before I go…

ASKED BY Member 1248963 on 7/6/15
TAGGED newfoundland, newfie, laysinpee, pottytraining IN Crate Training

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I can't train my deaf, 7 month old dog. Please help?

She's going to the bathroom all over the house even when we take her for walks. she rips everything up and doesn't learn when we put her in the crate…

ASKED BY Member 1248685 on 6/28/15
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Dog Looks Away When I Give Him a Command?

Hello, I'm having trouble with my puppy. When I'm alone with him he listens to all of my commands and follows them without a problem. When my wife…

ASKED BY Member 1248543 on 6/25/15
TAGGED training, dominance, command, discipline IN Behavior & Training

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