Pup bathrooming in the house...it i for attention?

Hi Guys! I recently adopted an 11 month old rat terrier/lab mix from the shelter. Not much is known of his history as the shelter got him at age 9…

ASKED BY Apollo 17 hours, 28 minutes ago
TAGGED bathroom, attention, housebreaking, housetraining, pee, urinate, poop, behavior IN Behavior & Training


Working with a puppy that left mom too early?

I recently purchased a registered dalmatian puppy. He is a wonderful, perfect dog. The thing I'm worried about is that he left mom at 5 weeks old…

ASKED BY Crosby 5 days, 11 hours ago
TAGGED dalmatian, puppy, biting, training IN Behavior & Training

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Hallucination task training help?

I have PTSD and suffer from terrible hallucinations and panic attacks. I have started training my 5 year old mini Aussie as my service dog since he…

ASKED BY Member 1242759 1 week ago
TAGGED ptsd, task, training, psd IN Service & Therapy Dogs


Hi all. I am getting a pug puppy next month and I would just like some advice with feeding and training etc?

This will be my very first Pug and I would like to get it right. I have always owned Staffordshire Bull Terriers so I do have experience with dogs…

ASKED BY Benson 1 week, 5 days ago
TAGGED training, feeding, excercise IN Puppies

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How to get 2 year old pomchin to stop using house as personal toilet?

My dog is about 2 years old now. I have had him for about 10 months and I'm at my wits end. His biggest problem is he just doesn't understand that you…

ASKED BY Member 1242297 2 weeks, 2 days ago
TAGGED pomchin, pottytraining IN House Soiling


Have an almost-two year old French Bulldog that isn't 100% housebroken - need advice?

I have an almost-two year old French Bulldog that is still having accidents in the house & in crate. She was doing very well out of her crate so I…

ASKED BY Marlo 3 weeks, 4 days ago
TAGGED housebreaking, accidents, cratetraining, frenchbulldog, coprophagy, soiling, cratecovering IN House Soiling


We adopted a male shih-tzu who has "picky potty syndrome" and refuses to pee in our yard. Advice?

Buddy is 2-4 years old, we aren't really sure. He will mark his territory multiple times on walks, and usually won't urinate in our house, he'll…

ASKED BY Buddy 3 weeks, 5 days ago
TAGGED potty, training IN Other Behavior & Training

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Which collar will be good for my large size dog?

I am thinking to get a shock collar for my robo.. I found a list but can't understand which will be better.. please help.. here is the list…

ASKED BY Member 1241766 3 weeks, 6 days ago
TAGGED collar, dogcollar, shockcollar, electriccollar, dogtrainingcollar IN Collars & Leashes

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