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I am having trouble potty training my 10 week female golden retriever?

I am having trouble potty training my 10 week old female golden retriever. I take her out right after she eats, plays, and naps. At night I take her…

ASKED BY Member 1241695 1 day, 2 hours ago
TAGGED pottytraining IN Behavior & Training

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3-4 year old lab mix whining a lot for what seems to be no reason?

Hi! I got my 3ish lab mix (Morris) from a shelter about 4 months ago. He was heartworm positive and just recently successfully finished…

ASKED BY Member 1241474 5 days, 6 hours ago
TAGGED whining, lab, shelter, training IN Behavior & Training

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How do I train my dog to not destroy the furniture when I'm not at home?

She keeps ripping holes in the couch, but only when we're gone so I'm not sure how to prevent her from doing that.

ASKED BY Member 1241269 1 week, 2 days ago
TAGGED destruction, training, highenergy IN Other Behavior & Training

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How to get my dog to bring the ball back fully?

About a month ago, I rescued a Kelpie X from the RSPCA (in Australia) named Peanut. Recently she has been bringing the ball back halfway, out of…

ASKED BY Member 1240144 1 week, 3 days ago
TAGGED training, fetch, kelpie, ball IN Behavior & Training

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How do I train my two dogs to stop ganging up on other dogs as well as not to play so rough?

So I have two dogs. They are sisters from the same litter and have always been very gentle dogs. Well about the time they hit a year (about 2 months…

ASKED BY Member 1240873 2 weeks, 1 day ago
TAGGED dogs, littermates, roughplay, chasing, training IN Behavior & Training

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My 10 month Pitt/Mastiff won't quit chewing pretty much everything in sight and bites clothes when you walk by?

He chews on anything wood especially door frames and he has eaten the rubber seal from around the door. He chews up pillows, shoes and…

ASKED BY Member 1240630 2 weeks, 5 days ago
TAGGED chewing, training, behavior, toys, biting IN Chewing


Trouble house training 8mo old basset... I don't think this is medical but I'm not sure, she hasn't been checked?

It goes in waves and it only happens at certain times. I take her outside numerous times a day, at least 7-10 times. When she does go to the…

ASKED BY Lily on 12/20/14
TAGGED pottytraining, basset, hound, housesoiling, help IN House Soiling

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Dog isn't learning to like crate?

My ~7 month old puppy is NOT learning to like her crate.In fact, she went from barely crying, to not crying, to now yipping and crying harder than…

ASKED BY Member 1238132 on 12/18/14
TAGGED cratetraining, crate, puppy IN Crate Training

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