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Is it okay to be a little mad when my friends feed my dog food from the table?

I am against feeding Shadow from the table. I always have been so my mom doesn't get mad at him for begging. I have never fed Shadow from the table. I…

ASKED BY Member 1004976 on 11/9/11
TAGGED shadow, tables, food, mad, toxic, cholate IN House Soiling

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Just what does it do?

My biggest beef here in Answers is the its bad. Just how is it bad? We wouldnt be here if we were morons- and we are capable of…

ASKED BY Member 1013329 on 11/25/10
TAGGED onions, garlic, toxic IN Food & Nutrition

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Can ethoxyquin be completely removed from plastic kibble storage containers?

I used to feed my puppy a kibble that I recently found out contained ethoxyquin. I kept that food in an awesome container, and I want to re-use that…

ASKED BY Member 930235 on 12/14/09
TAGGED toxic, ingredients IN Pet Food Recalls

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My dog collapsed with Symptoms of Cushings. But I believe that weed killer (Bindie) contains bromoxynil and is toxic?

I found a site which described the reaction of Dog's when they come in contact with Bromoxynil, The symptoms were the same as Cushings. However, I…

ASKED BY Member 832636 on 5/3/09
TAGGED bindieweedkillercontainsbromoxyniltoxiceffectondogssymptoms IN Other Health & Wellness

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Can camellia flowers cause vomiting in dogs?

My 8-month old puppy vomited a couple of times this week, but always seemed fine after a while. She'll be a bit lethargic for a bit, but after a…

ASKED BY Member 810374 on 3/1/09
TAGGED plants, poison, vomiting, nontoxic IN Health & Wellness

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