My dog picks a random object and starts to growling to everyone and even bit! What can I do? What he trying to say?

He has 2yeas old. he's super sweet, knows how to play, obeys to basic orders, brand diet, goes for a walk 3 days minimum... Out of no where, he picks…

ASKED BY Côco on 7/22/13
TAGGED play, growling, growl, aggressive, sweet, bit, chewing, branddiet, sock, towel IN Behavior & Training


What would be a good, comforting bed for a dog who chews up stuffing?

My four-year-old Yellow Lab can't use a regular doggie bed because she will tear it up and the fuzz and stuffing will come pouring out all over…

ASKED BY Mya on 8/31/11
TAGGED chew, beds, doghouse, stuffing, fluff, labrador, towel, choking, swallowing IN Chewing