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2yr Female Maltese/Terrier Peaches a desert rescue need help with behavioral problems fear/timidness?

Rescued from desert with her pup, spent unknown time in kennels, 5 weeks with foster family and have had for 6 weeks. She fixates on my 12yr old…

ASKED BY Member 1254759 on 1/3/16
TAGGED timid, unsocial IN Fears & Phobias


Can someone identify my rescue dogs breed?

He has wiry hair that sheds a lot all the time even with brushing him!

ASKED BY Ace on 11/29/14
TAGGED rescue, wiryhair, timid, loyal IN Breeds

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I cant break my rescue pup of some bad habits! She came from an abusive horder so she needs serious help?

About two years ago my husband and I adopted a rescue pup, she is a schnoodle (I think). She never saw the light of day until she was a year old…

ASKED BY Member 1185141 on 8/11/13
TAGGED housesoiling, rescuedog, abused, pottytraining, timid, fearful, regression IN House Soiling

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5 month puppy, timid in public and when visiting, refuses treats, startles easily in these situations?

My 5 1/2 month old puppy is smart, playful and happy at home, but when I take him visiting or to the pet store he freezes up, gets VERY timid and…

ASKED BY Member 1158108 on 3/5/13
TAGGED timid, shy, scared, fearful, jumpy, afraid IN Socialization

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Why is he scared of the kitchen?

My year old Lab is really well behaved, loveable, very affectionate and does as he told all the time. For reasons unknown, for the past month he has…

ASKED BY Member 1065117 on 10/21/11
TAGGED kitchen, scared, lab, cheese, treats, bodylanguage, pinnedback, timid, safeplace, worried, lost, encourage, floor, fear IN Fears & Phobias

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Whats wrong with Frost?

Frost my puppie use to be sleepy and lazy. All the sudden he is very alert and has been acting with caution. Frost is all the sudden also very timid.

ASKED BY Member 646098 on 8/1/11
TAGGED fears, timid, alert, weird IN Fears & Phobias

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We have adopted a female (11 month) sable collie and need help with her separation anxiety. She seems too timid?

Three days into it and she's had very little water no food and shies into the nearest corner she finds. Does better outside and seems normal after a…

ASKED BY Member 1037003 on 6/11/11
TAGGED doganxiety, sablecollie, timidness, dogwonteat, food IN Adoption & Rescue

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