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Something is sticking out of my dog's skin?

One day my toy poodle suddenly had a long, skin-coloured thing jutting out of his skin on his back. It was near his neck, in the same direction as the…

ASKED BY Member 1249420 on 7/17/15
TAGGED tick, wart, skin, toypoodle, unknown, parasite IN Skin Problems

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I have an 11 week old bluetick coonhound and a 4 year old Beagle. Do they play too rough

The puppy and his older sister lay together walk together and play together. They play A LOT and play HARD. I wonder if it is too hard sometimes. They…

ASKED BY Member 1239614 on 12/26/14
TAGGED snarl, bluetickcoonhound, beagle, siblings, siblingrivalry IN Socialization

Journey Rose

Skin tags or some kind of skin disease...or something else?

Hi everyone, I'm asking a question for a friend of mine, who has an 11 year old dachshund, named, Slinky. I saw Slinky about a week ago, right after…

ASKED BY Journey Rose on 9/15/14
TAGGED skintags, bumps, ticks, skindisease IN Health & Wellness

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I need this question anwserd asap what happens if my dog eats 2 sticks of butter wraper and all, and should i be concern?

My dog is a 4 year old lab and is 70-100 pounds

ASKED BY Member 1205896 on 12/25/13
TAGGED sheswalloedtwosticksofbutter IN Swallowing Foreign Objects

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My dog, Barnabas who is about 3, has been scratching right below her collar on her upper back lately, it is very sticky?

My dog has been scratching right below her collar on her upper back lately, she had a scab and small bump last week, and is known to have dry…

ASKED BY Member 1202549 on 12/3/13
TAGGED sticky, blotchy, skin IN Skin Problems

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I have a Chihuahua that has 2 ticks in his paw and he keeps biting us when we try to get them out. What do I do?

I can't afford to take him to the vet at this time.

ASKED BY Member 1070652 on 7/7/13
TAGGED chihuahua, ticks, pain, biting IN Health & Wellness


Why does Bill love to eat wood?

I have had Bill since September of 2012, he was nine months old and came with tons of bad habits. We do training, agility and lots of play dates to…

ASKED BY Bill on 5/30/13
TAGGED sticks, eatinghabbits, wood IN Other Behavior & Training

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