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5 months old healthy lab puppy looks acts sounds perfectly normal all day but for the last 5 days vomited food. Ideas?

Lab/GSD mix. 30+ pounds. All shots. On heart worm preventative monthly. Teething (5 new theeth). Male. Sleeps well. Plays beautifully. He was…

ASKED BY Member 1227672 on 5/30/14
TAGGED vomiting, food, throwingup IN Health & Safety


Please help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated?

Just like the previous question my dog, casper the chihuahua, had been throwing , but I just finished bringing him home from vet after a two day…

ASKED BY Casper on 3/1/13
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What does it mean when dogs wont eat. and throwing up green stuff mixed with a little blood?

I have a verry small rat terrier. my wife and I noticed a very fast weight loss. With in two days she turned to skin & bones. We tryed feeding her but…

ASKED BY Member 1157462 on 2/28/13
TAGGED lossofweight, throwingup, green, blood, not, eating, blockage, losing IN Health & Wellness

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My dog has been throwing up all day can they get the flu or could it be worse?

my dog was just at the vet and got a steroid, antibotic for his scratching and a hot spot on his neck. The also recieved his rabies shot. But as of…

ASKED BY Member 1134808 on 10/8/12
TAGGED throwingup, vomit, illness, food, water IN Emergencies & First Aid

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Dog food recalls on evo senior brand?

I recently recieved a bag of evo dry dog food, senior, my dogs have been having the runs. I thought it was just the heat because sometimes it does…

ASKED BY Member 1115435 on 6/13/12
TAGGED runnypoop, throwingup, bloodineither IN Pet Food Recalls


Is it normal for a puppy to throw up after getting excited?

She isn't throwing up everyday or anything. but it has happened a few times. on 2 occasions, she drank water, lots of it, then got all excited…

ASKED BY Squatchy on 3/31/12
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My 10 year old Pom is sick. She has been vomitting and has diarrea how can I help her feel better without a vet bill?

She has been doing this all day and not sure how to help her thro this all she has been wanting since she has thrown up is water

ASKED BY Member 1037980 on 8/22/11
TAGGED sick, health, flu, throwingup, diarreah IN Health & Wellness

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